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Award-winning journalist Lisa Ling says, "food is a bridge between generations" and we couldn't agree more. In this new HBO Max docuseries, Take Out with Lisa Ling, she explores how Asian-Americans and their food have contributed to the American culture. She travels from the Louisiana bayous and across the country to Orange County's Little Saigon telling stories of Asian-Americans.

Lisa Ling helps bring back memories through food. Food is a way to connect to culture and made to share with others. Asian-Americans have sacrificed a lot to be in the country, but our food can't be taken away from us. So many stories began at a family-owned restaurant, just like her own. Whether we noticed or not, we've had instances where other people ask us what we're eating or make fun of it. The docuseries says it's time to normalize the food we eat.

The first episode, "Mix Mix" explores the unexpected history of Fil-Ams in New Orleans and the bayous of Louisiana. Many don't know about the deep roots we have in the country starting in the South and the impact we've had in Crescent City. There's a glimpse of a kamayan (eating with your hands)/budol fight meal. This meal is food for the masses and everyone just grabs what they want with their hands from the food laid out on the table. It's pretty fun when you have your friends and family there with you.

The series is definitely going on our binge-watch list for this weekend! Catch it now on HBO Max.

Cover Photo Credit: Lisa Ling Twitter

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