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BGYO and BINI head to the desert with Dubai's leading homegrown luxury lifestyle, travel & fashion magazine, XPEDITION. The P-Pop Sibling duo graced the cover of XPEDITION's first-ever NFT magazine covers. In addition, the Magazine covers were unveiled in the Metaverse! That's right, we are living in the future, and BGYO and BINI are a part of history as the first Filipino Popstars to have a magazine cover in the Metaverse.

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BGYO was styled in cream, and off-white tones with modern textured lace looks. While BINI took on a bold red and black theme elevating their visuals to another level. The shoot was creatively directed by Ian Borromeo, and Kylie Go was the Fashion Executive on the shoot.

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As mentioned, the Magazine Covers were unveiled in the Metaverse as XPEDITION Magazine partnered up with Spatial for the event held in "The Meeting Place," a Metaverse venue. You can now get your hands on a copy of these magazines at 

GivingTuesday is a global generosity movement unleashing the power of radical generosity and encouraging people to do good. It has now grown into an annual campaign of kindness that inspires people to give, collaborate, and celebrate generosity.

ABS-CBN Foundation, International (AFI), the public service arm of The Filipino Channel (TFC) and the umbrella department of all corporate social responsibility activities of ABS-CBN, is participating in this global movement for the first time and encourages the public to open their hearts to giving back after the frenzy of Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

The Foundation’s mission remains to be in the service of the Filipino by helping address persistent social issues and provide a better life for the disadvantaged.

This year, AFI is championing education through Programa Genio and hopes to change the lives of scholars by supporting them for this coming school year and thus have a better shot at a better life.

Programa Genio works with public schools and communities to support students and even educators with their needs, from scholarship, to trainings, to school supplies. When the pandemic struck and in-person schooling was halted because of lockdowns, the Foundation provided public schools with heavy duty machines for module printing, and power banks to areas where electricity was a problem so students can still do online classes.

Donations also help the Foundation reach their goals of helping provide what a child needs for an entire school year: school supplies, meals, transportation, counselling, tuition, and most relevant for remote learning, internet allowance.

Send a $25 gift of education to help send a child to school, choose ABS-CBN Foundation International on GivingTuesday this November 30. Any amount helps and every dollar counts. Text ABSCBN to 24365 (US only) or go to to learn more.

As BGYO's "The Baddest" music video continues to rack up views, the live performances for this new comeback are beginning to pop up, and we couldn't be any more excited to see the boys working it out on stage. But, we all knew this was coming sooner than later because dance practice footage was released on their official Youtube page.

BGYO helped bring the ACE Elite Secret Service to life from the rehearsal room to the ASAP stage! With glimpses of the choreo in the dance breaks from the official music video, we can already see that "The Baddest" would be visually great to witness live. From what we saw on the ASAP stage this past weekend, we were totally right.

This is just the beginning of this era, and just like the rest of the ACE fandom out there, we're sure all of us are looking forward to the next!

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The Manny Pacquiao Executive Produced film Zeus has inked a worldwide distribution partnership with ABS-CBN. The movie is written, directed and stars Chris Sorriano who plays Zeus a young boxer who goes viral helping protect an old Asian man getting attacked at park.

Sorriano mentions in an interview with CBS Los Angeles that he felt the need to create and realease this movie right at this moment because of the ongoing racial hate crimes that we see on the news daily.

You can watch the film on iWantTFC, TFC, and KTX.PH starting 8/19.

About The Film:

When an old Asian man is attacked and sprayed with hand sanitizer, a young boxer knocks out the aggressor. This turns him into a viral star which gets the attention of the Middleweight champion who decides to challenge the young boxer in the ring to an unorthodox boxing match in a COVID-19 pandemic. 

Follow them on:

Instagram: @zeusthefilm

Facebook: Zeus The Film

Twitter: @zeusthefilm

Official Website:

Cover Photo Courtesy of: Zeus Film

DALY CITY, Calif., December 2, 2020 – Filgrimage, the series that tells the life-changing journey of eight young people, is now streaming on through the Amazon Prime Video service.

Filgrimage follows a group of young students on their journey of self-discovery as they travel to the Philippines to learn the history and culture of their motherland. On top of that, the Filgrimage Ambassadors learn what it means to be Filipino and the true meaning of the spirit of Bayanihan.

The Filgrimage series was produced through a partnership between The Filipino School and TFC and is currently streaming globally on multiple platforms such as iWantTFC, TFC IPTV,, including worldwide exposure on myxTV and on TFC’s cable and satellite linear channels. Now, Filgrimage is also on Amazon Prime in the U.S., Canada, U.K., and Australia.

Filgrimage provided the young students with an opportunity where they came full circle in realizing and recognizing their Filipino identity.

ABS-CBN Global Corporate Affairs & Strategic CSR Head Nerissa Fernandez, who is also Filgrimage Executive Producer for TFC, shares how Filgrimage is a story of participative transformation where the Filgrimage Ambassadors went to the Philippines to understand where they came from, but they returned to the U.S. with a new desire to help transform the Philippines in order to pay it forward.

It is this message of gratitude and giving back that the producers of Filgrimage are excited to share with more viewers across all available platforms worldwide. Fernandez underlines this by saying that “Amazon publishing is huge news.”

ABS-CBN Market Segment Head (PH) for North & Latin America Pam Castillo affirms that streaming Filgrimage on Amazon supports TFC’s strategy to distribute original and relevant content in multi-OTT platforms. 

According to Castillo, “Staying relevant does not only mean producing the right content, but also being present in viewing platforms where our target viewers would be watching. Streaming Filgrimage on Amazon aims to expand its reach and make it easy for the next gen to watch the series.” 

The trip, dubbed Filgrimage, is the brainchild of Tony Olaes, founder of The Filipino School, as part of his mission to educate the young generation of Filipino Americans about their heritage.

Olaes feels honored to have the Filgrimage series on Amazon. “It truly is a dream come true. It says that our content is meaningful and valuable not only to their platform but to the millions that will now understand the true beauty of what it is to be Filipino,” shares Olaes.

“At the same time, this series featuring these eight young Filipino Americans is also my story. It’s a story of privilege and gratitude for those of us who were given opportunity and the responsibility we have to pay it forward to those left behind,” Olaes adds.

The streaming of Filgrimage on the Amazon platform opens the door to millions of potential viewers. Amazon Prime currently has 150 million global subscribers. Watch Filgrimage for free with Amazon Prime membership.

Filgrimage is the coming-of-age story of a group of young people who chose to spend one summer in the Philippines to nurture their Filipino roots, discover more about their culture, and to answer the question: “What does it mean to be Filipino?”


Episode 1:

This is the very first time we are meeting the Filgrimage Ambassadors. While there are around 35 people who participated in Filgrimage 2019, FILGRIMAGE: A Digital Series tells the journey of eight (8) of them.

Here we meet Lauren Bumatay, Tyler Jacob, Jocelynne Montehermoso, AJ Asuncion, Luis Borromeo, Gabby Almazar, Riana Hernandez, and Ryah Hernandez.

Get to know them at The Filipino School in San Diego where they share their fears and expectations, and their thoughts on what it means for them to be Filipino.

Episode 2:

The Filgrimage Ambassadors have just arrived in Manila. They register to secure their rooms at the hotel. For many of them, this is the first time they are meeting their roommates.

It is that getting-to-know-you stage among these young people.

They are about to make a collective journey of knowing each other… knowing their motherland… and knowing themselves.

Episode 3:

The Filgrimage Ambassadors take the bus to bring them to their first official stop on the Filgrimage tour: to visit the Rizal Monument in Luneta Park.

The road to Luneta is punctuated with the sights and sounds of a busy metropolis. Our Filgrimage Ambassadors witness the stark contrast between the lavish hotels on one side, and the shabby shanties on the other.

Episode 4:

Many of the Filgrimage Ambassadors have just heard of Philippine National Hero Jose Rizal from what teachers have taught them in class.

For most of them, this is the first time they get to see the place where Rizal was executed by a firing squad, after he was arrested and convicted of sedition, on December 30, 1896.

Episode 5:

The Filgrimage Ambassadors spent their first afternoon making a quick stop at Intramuros and then visiting other museums like the University of Santo Tomas Museum of Arts and Sciences - which is the oldest existing museum in the Philippines. It started as a Gabinete de Fisica, or observation room, of mineral, botanical and biological collections in the 17th century

They also went to the Metropolitan Museum of Manila (the 'Met’) - a world-class gallery tracing the evolution of Filipino art from the early 20th century to the present. Virtually, all great Filipino painters from the last century are represented here.

Episode 6:

The Manila Hotel embodies a rich tradition of elegant living, fine dining, and gracious service that goes back over 97 years.

Our Filgrimage Ambassadors continue to build friendships while experiencing the grandeur of this historic five-star hotel located along Manila Bay.

Episode 7:

Road trip! On the way to Bataan, the bus stops for a break at a pitstop along the North Luzon Expressway (NLEX). There are several fast food joints and some stalls that sell souvenirs and other gift items and Filipino delicacies.

The Filgrimage Ambassadors grab this opportunity to practice their skills at conversing in Filipino with the local vendors. See how they nailed some great bargains.

Episode 8:

First stop on the road trip is at Bataan’s Balanga Elementary School which also houses the Bataan World War II Museum and the Surrender Site Marker.

The grade school students welcome the Filgrimage Ambassadors with a marching band and the eager waving of tiny U.S. and Philippine flags.

Tyler gets to exercise his drumline skills when he joins the students’ band. Lauren gets to practice conversing with the students, using words she learned in her Filipino class. Joce has a hard time and feels disconnected from children who are the same color skin as hers. This pains her terribly.

Episode 9:

Vanguard of Filipino Heritage.
The quick overnight and day tour was not enough to marvel at the old-world charm and the picturesque allure of Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar.

Home to Jose Acuzar’s collection of restored Spanish-Filipino houses, this resort in Bagac, Bataan reflects Filipino craftsmanship intricately curated into a world-class historical haven. Our Filgrimage Ambassadors eat taho (Philippine snack made of fresh silken tofu and sweetener) and play sungka (Mandala).

Episode 10:

At this point, the Filgrimage Ambassadors have bonded well together and consider each other dear friends.

The days spent in Palawan were like Paradise. El Nido is surrounded by limestone formations that rise majestically above the turquoise water. For many of them, the stunning beaches and gorgeous islands are picture-perfect, almost like being in a postcard.

The group went island-hopping; snorkeling; had “kamayan” lunch at Papaya beach; and even drank fresh coconut juice straight out of the shell; and played basketball with the locals. Just another day in Paradise.

Episode 11:

The Filgrimage Ambassadors met with members of the Sibaltan Women Weavers Association, Inc. (SWWAI) – a bold, band of women who have taken their skills passed on from generation to generation and had grown them to become an industry that empowers community artisans.

The women weavers taught the kids how to weave, and they were able to make some simple projects of their own. They also saw the Balay Cuyunon Museum along Sibaltan's beachfront that features a replica of a traditional Cuyunon house, and they also danced with the locals.

Episode 12:

The Filgrimage Ambassadors took an early ferry boat ride to Corregidor Island – a rocky island, strategically located at the entrance of Manila Bay, just south of Bataan province in Luzon, Philippines.

They take a quick tour seeing the Pacific War Memorial, numerous gunneries, and the Malinta Tunnel, which served as a supply depot, hospital, and MacArthur’s headquarters.

They gained appreciation for the national shrine commemorating the battle fought there by U.S. and Filipino forces against overwhelming numbers of Japanese during World War II.

Episode 13:

A major highlight of the trip was the visit to Barangay Samala-Marquez, an urban poor community in the municipality of Kawit, province of Cavite – about 15 miles from Manila.

Throughout the whole morning, the Filgrimage Ambassadors visited, and interacted, with the families from the community. They were welcomed into tiny houses.

For many of them, this is where their transformation manifests strongly. On this Filgrimage, their interior quest is greatly influenced by their “exterior passage” through the slums of Cavite.

Episode 14:

The Filgrimage trip culminates in building houses for the Gawad Kalinga Community in Cavite.

The Filgrimage Ambassadors experience the true meaning of Bayanihan as it comes to life.

They look back at an incredible, unforgettable summer where their visit to the country of their ancestors transforms them in ways they never imagined.

Episode 15:

Mostra Coffee Co-Founder Sam Magtanong facilitates the session. (It is fitting to have Sam host the chat since he himself made a similar trip back to the Motherland with his other Mostra Coffee co-founders. That trip for them was also a big part of what drives their mission and vision for Mostra.)

In the "epilogue" the Filgrimage Ambassadors "return home" by sharing vivid experiences of their trip in a candid and authentic exchange. We hear them talk about where they are at in their journey of (re)discovery and how they plan to concretely realize their dreams of giving back.

They invite viewers to help them with their dream of building sustainable "Filgrimage villages" by visiting to find out more and support them.

AJ Asuncion
Gabby Almazar
Jocelynne Montehermoso
Lauren Bumatay
Luis Borromeo
Rianna Hernandez
Ryah Hernandez
Tyler Jacobs

Tony Olaes
Nerissa Fernandez
Tata Sy

Rico Luancing

Jeremiah Ysip

Pia Lopezbanos-Carrion

Pia Lopezbanos-Carrion
Jeremiah Ysip

Sam Bañez
Nico Lucero

Leandro Mercurio
Kim Alexis Delos Reyes
Bon Jovi Tangco
Crispin Barja
Michael Brezniv Garcia
John Lawrence
Sulayel Aishi Balbuena
Erwin Briones

Alex Azansa
Bobby Ysip
Faith Austria
Miguel Carrion
Filgrimage Ambassadors

Jeremiah Ysip

Amyra Soriano
Danny Manansala

Jeremiah Ysip

Mike Carrion
Chris Olaes

Airing Saturdays 8P PDT on myx & now available on the iWantTFC app & You can binge watch the entire season of Filgrimage at amazon.Com/v/TFCmovies.

Many of the Filgrimage Ambassadors have just heard of Philippine National Hero Jose Rizal from what teachers have taught them in class.

For most of them, this is the first time they get to see the place where Rizal was executed by a firing squad, after he was arrested and convicted of sedition, on December 30, 1896.

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Airing weekly Saturdays 8P PDT on myx & now available on the iWantTFC app &


Filgrimage is the coming-of-age story of a group of young people who chose to spend one summer in the Philippines to nurture their Filipino roots, discover more about their culture, and to answer the question: “What does it mean to be Filipino?”

AJ Asuncion
Gabby Almazar
Jocelynne Montehermoso
Lauren Bumatay
Luis Borromeo
Rianna Hernandez
Ryah Hernandez
Tyler Jacobs

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