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ACEs unite! Your secret agents are here, and they did not come to play! BGYO's comeback is coming in strong, with views continuing to rise and reaction videos to their official Music Video flooding the Youtube algorithm. The characters were revealed throughout the week, with Gelo as "The Mastermind, JL as "The Mad Scientist," Akira as "The Faceless Man," Nate as "The illusionist," and Mikki as "The MetaHuman."

The futuristic secret agent video shows each character at a home base, the boys on the battlefield, and finally meeting up at the headquarters, revealing the boss behind the missions, Liza Soberano!

At the end of the video, we are left with a cliffhanger as the boys face their first mission. That growl at the end from the creature or thing in front of them left us wanting more. One thing is for sure, we know BGYO will be coming out on top! Let the mission begin!

Cover Photo: Courtesy of: Liza Soberano Instagram

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