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Asia Jackson has been breaking barriers in media for women of color. She's pioneered for activism pertaining to individualism and being proud of one's culture and background. Her collaboration with UPRISERS, a community-driven streetwear brand dedicated to amplifying impactful and authentic stories, marks another accomplishment for Asia. The brand teams up with activists, trendsetters, and warriors of change to mobilize and transform communities and Asia Jackson is a perfect fit.

The collaboration collection is exclusively available for Pacsun starting December 2nd and includes university-esque apparel like shirts, long sleeves, and sweaters that were co-designed by Asia. She mentions that this collaboration is more than creating apparel as it's an opportunity to show the importance of representation. This is Asia's next step to continue sharing her-story and building empathy among each other.

"Anyone who works in this industry knows that opportunities like these don't come by very often for women, let alone women of color. So i'm super grateful to pacsun for giving me and @weareuprisers this incredible opportunity, as well as to YOU guys for your overwhelming + continued support!"

Cover Photo Credit: UPRISERS Website

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