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ALAMAT is back! One year stronger and hungrier than ever, the 8 member group celebrates their first debut anniversary with their fans through a live stream alongside dropping a comeback song. If you missed the half-hour live stream, don’t worry you can check out all the fun below.

As ALAMAT celebrated their achievements the past year, they also were counting down to their latest comeback song, “ABKD.” The song is truly inspiring and uplifting, giving you the push to keep pursuing your dreams and chasing after those goals. The proof is in the pudding, as Alamat is an excellent example of what the track conveys in the lyrics. This past year they have continued to strive and push to make their dreams a reality. So if you ever need a pick-me-up or some motivation to keep it going, make sure to stream “ABKD” here.

ALAMAT continues to showcase Filipino heritage through their songs and artistry. In the lyric video below, you can see the breakdown of each member singing and highlighting their respective native tongues. We have Taneo with Ilocano, Valfer with Hiligaynon, Gami and Alas with Bisaya, Jao with Kapampangan, R-Ji with Waray-Waray, Tomas with Bicolano, and Mo with Sambal.

The lyric video is just the beginning of this comeback. The group also teased a dance rehearsal for “ABKD” on Twitter, and they mentioned an official music video is coming soon.

Cover Photo Courtesy of ALAMAT Facebook

As P-Pop continues to rise in popularity globally, we are beginning to see a new surge of groups debuting and entering the pool of young and fresh talents on the scene. One new group to add to that list is LITZ, who recently made their Pre-Debut with their rendition of James Reid’s “NATATARANTA.” The LITZ version ups the tempo a bit and adds a little electric pop feel to the track. Check it out below.

The video showcases LITZ’s dance training alongside their vocal abilities, and at the end of the video, we are introduced to each member. The members of LITZ are Bianca, Ashtine, Fatima, Heart, and Yumi. Check out a quick behind-the-scenes look at one of their photoshoots below, and make sure to follow their socials and Youtube for more content as the group gets ready to make their official debut.

Cover Photo Courtesy of LITZ Facebook

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