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Filipino hip-hop artist Young Cocoa expresses great respect and honor to the two places that he calls home in a crossover track bursting with lush sounds and sophisticated melodies.

His new single “Fadeaway” serves as a love letter to Manila and Jakarta—two culturally distinct but vibrant cities that cultivated his upbringing and sense of self through the years.

Young Cocoa explains, “Fadeaway is about celebrating my two homes, Jakarta and Manila. I wanted to try and integrate my experiences into the song and translate it into a message where I take pride in owning both places that I truly call home.”

Produced by his go-to collaborator and friend Trizzy, “Fadeaway” shines with unmistakable presence on first listens. Credit goes to Trizzy for allowing YC’s youthful, nostalgic lyrics to soar over catchy, sinuous beats and genre-hopping production in a seamless manner. Both Young Cocoa and Trizzy bring star power, subtlety, and quality to a surefire bop that runs perfectly with the narrative’s “conscious effort of expression and the passion of being young and yet wanting to be remembered by everyone.”

“I think in general we wanted to keep it lighthearted and laidback, in tune with most of my music,” shares the young trailblazer. “A lot of this track is carried by the production and melodies introduced into the song, as well as the work Trizzy put in to try to tailor the beat to certain dynamics of the lyrics I wrote.”

According to Young Cocoa, “Fadeaway” embodies the central theme of his upcoming new EP, Sari Sari, to be released soon under OFFMUTE. He also takes pride in how the song proved to be a testament to his growth as an artist and a budding producer trying to understand the jargon behind the process. Thankfully, he has Trizzy to back him up in setting up his music journey.

“I always have a great time working with a young mind like his, and we have great chemistry with each other,” Young Cocoa adds. “In general, we both push each other out of our comfort zones to try and get the best out of our work, and I think that’s awesome.”

Listen to "Fadeaway" below!

Filipino hitmaker Young Cocoa is back with a new banger! The Indonesia raised artist discusses his Jakarta upbringing on his new single titled “J-TOWN (PM.)” "The song is about how I feel about Jakarta," Young Cocoa reflects. "It’s not so much a nostalgic visit as it is one where I express how much impact the city has had on me."

The rising musician also explains that "J-TOWN (PM)" maps a pivotal moment in his life where he embraced the joys and pains of living in a multicultural city, pursued his goals and dreams, and met people with diverse backgrounds. To further add on to the Jakarta influence, Young Cocoa also delivers some of the song’s lyrics in the Bahasa Indonesia language.

Check out Young Cocoa’s new drum and bass inspired song "J-TOWN (PM)," produced by frequent collaborator Trizzy below!

Young Cocoa has been co-signed by some of the biggest names in K-Pop, scoring placements in curated playlists all across Asia. The 24-year-old singer/songwriter has just released a new single and is looking forward to continuing his momentum.

“Nova” uses a bossa nova inspired instrumental as the canvas for a crossover love song. The track is accompanied by visuals that depict a performance intended to be about or to the artist’s love interest.

“We wanted to create a song that was an easy listen, had a lot of bounce, and felt ‘bubbly’ in the same way the lyrics were written,” reveals the rising Asian rapper. “Nova’s creation really just started off of the exploration of a different sound and progressed into a song that I wrote about having an innocent crush, or puppy love. The title is directly inspired by my favorite snack, Nova, and the use of Bossa Nova elements in the production.”

Check out “Nova” below.

OFFMUTE signee Young Cocoa's viral hit "Manila" is back making a resurgence thanks to K-Pop act ENHYPEN. The group added the viral hit to the Ami Paris XVI playlist they curated, and it has now made its way to Spotify Viral Top 50 in South Korea and the Philippines. Handpicked by the members of the Korean supergroup, the new edition of the fashion house playlist includes an esteemed selection of upbeat and summery tunes from Justin Bieber, Yerin Baek, 5 Seconds of Summer, and more.

ICYMI Young Cocoa quickly rose to fame after BTS' resident rapper RM included "Manila" in one of the global superstars' online playlists. The trailblazing bop, which finds the Filipino artist rapping over lo-fi beats and jazzy soundscapes, eventually went viral and received endorsements from Korean artists such as Yeri of Red Velvet, Eric of The Boyz, Omega X, Dawon of SF19, and Lia Kim from 1Million Dance Studio.

Check out Young Cocoa’s “Manila” on all digital music platforms via OFFMUTE.

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