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MYX Hits Different

A new generation of Filipino artists are on the rise. MYX Hits Different takes Pinoy musicians on a different trip - moving outside the studios and into the everyday places of daily life. From barber shops to grocery stores, to cafes and even to auto shops - catch these artists perform their songs and share with us who they are beyond their music.


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S1 EP 11: BGYO
There is no shortage of talent and style in one of PPOP's biggest stars...
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S1 EP 10: Shanaia Gomez
Shanaia Gomez can't help but radiate youthful goodness; her beauty and talent shines through...
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S1 EP 9: Denise Julia
Fun, fresh and fashionable - three words that describe Denise Julia. Always looking on...
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S1 EP 8: Marlo Mortel
Marlo has been known as an actor who can sing. But what he really...
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S1 EP 7: Syd Hartha
With her unique folk-pop sound, Syd Hartha has captured the public with her music....
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BINI hits the right mix of fierce and sweet. And in this episode, we...
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S1 EP 5: Young Cocoa
As a Filipino raised in Indonesia, Young Cocoa has a different perspective. In his...
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S1 EP 4: Nobita
Nothing is cooler than being in a band, and for the boys of Nobita...
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S1 EP 3: The Cast of Lyric and Beat
What do you get when you have a pool of multi-talented, young artists put...
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S1 EP 2: Paolo Sandejas
Young, and open to the world, Paolo Sandejas has so much to offer and...
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S1 EP 1: Ace Banzuelo
Ace Banzuelo knows that he belongs on the stage. A singer-songwriter with the dance...

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