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MYX Hits Different

The Filipino music industry continues to thrive as P-Pop gains popularity not only in the Philippines but also in global markets. This dynamic and evolving genre is creating a strong local fanbase and gaining international appeal. Season 3 of MYX Hits Different - P-Pop Season provides a platform for P-Pop artists to be heard, recognized, and celebrated. Featured artists include Pablo, Josh Cullen, Yara, Dione, 1st.One, Press Hit Play, BINI, and BGYO. Cosmic performances await!

Season 3
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New Episode
S3 EP05 - Dione
Dione drops by the PPOP HQ and takes on the MYX Hits Different Stage...
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New Episode
S3 EP04 - 1st One
1st One drops by the PPOP HQ and takes on the MYX Hits Different...
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S3 EP03 - YARA
YARA drops by the PPOP HQ and takes on the MYX Hits Different Stage...
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S3 EP02 - Pablo, Josue
Pablo drops by the PPOP HQ and takes on the MYX Hits Different Stage...
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S3 EP01 - Josh Cullen, Al James
Josh Cullen drops by the PPOP HQ and takes on the MYX Hits Different...
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S3 Trailer
Experience the PPOP phenomenon as it takes center stage! MYX Hits Different Season 3...
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S2 EP07 - John Roa
Hailing from Quezon City, John is a phenomenal Filipino rapper, singer, and songwriter who...
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S2 EP 06 - Maymay Entrata
MYX Hits Different Maymay Entrata A multi-talented Filipino artist, Maymay
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S2 EP 05 - Jeff Grecia
This rising star in the music scene grabs audiences with his sick rhymes and...
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S2 EP 04 – Alamat
This dynamic sing-rap-dance boy group has taken the music scene by storm. P-pop group,...
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S2 EP 03 – Ken San Jose
A phenomenal dancer and performer, Ken San Jose has been wowing audiences with his...
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S2 EP 02 - Angela Ken
Filipina singer-songwriter Angela has a powerful voice that accompanies her heartfelt lyrics. Her soulful...
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S2 EP 01 - Dilaw
This Filipino rock band formed in Baguio in 2021 is known for their energetic...
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S1 EP 12: LITZ
On the surface, LITZ is a powerhouse of talent - four beautiful, skilled singers...
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S1 EP 11: BGYO
There is no shortage of talent and style in one of PPOP's biggest stars...
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S1 EP 10: Shanaia Gomez
Shanaia Gomez can't help but radiate youthful goodness; her beauty and talent shines through...
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S1 EP 9: Denise Julia
Fun, fresh and fashionable - three words that describe Denise Julia. Always looking on...
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S1 EP 8: Marlo Mortel
Marlo has been known as an actor who can sing. But what he really...
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S1 EP 7: Syd Hartha
With her unique folk-pop sound, Syd Hartha has captured the public with her music....
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BINI hits the right mix of fierce and sweet. And in this episode, we...
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S1 EP 5: Young Cocoa
As a Filipino raised in Indonesia, Young Cocoa has a different perspective. In his...
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S1 EP 4: Nobita
Nothing is cooler than being in a band, and for the boys of Nobita...
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S1 EP 3: The Cast of Lyric and Beat
What do you get when you have a pool of multi-talented, young artists put...
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S1 EP 2: Paolo Sandejas
Young, and open to the world, Paolo Sandejas has so much to offer and...
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S1 EP 1: Ace Banzuelo
Ace Banzuelo knows that he belongs on the stage. A singer-songwriter with the dance...

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