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1ST.ONE Shows Their Road to the Comeback Song, "TURN UP"

Posted By: Danielle Domingo
Post Date: September 12, 2022

Comeback season is upon us. The top-tier boy group 1ST.ONE recently released the P- pop road to comeback song entitled "TURN UP." The well-rounded artists of this P-Pop group were all involved in the creative process of the track. Ace, the leader of the group, wrote the lyrics, and Max, one of the main vocalists, did the lyrics proofing. The other members co-wrote the rap parts. This is the follow-up track to their previous hit single, “SHOUT OUT,” which got off to a roaring start with its smash hit music video, getting 1 million views in only a few days.

The road to releasing their comeback single took a lot of hard work and long days in the studio. They give us a glimpse into rehearsal with the newly recent BTS release of their dance practice for the track. See them go through choreography and formations. For rehearsals, this already looks pretty polished and clean. Now time for us to also learn the dance.

"Turn Up" has a catchy dance vibe, but the message of positivity stays with you. "Everyone will go through failing in life, but if you continue to stand up and not give up, all your troubles will eventually turn upside down and turn up for the better. Failing only
happens when you give up. Standing up gives you infinite chances to succeed and overcome all your challenges in life,”
Ace said.

The upbeat and colorful track is a new direction the group is exploring. “Our new song is brighter and more colorful in contrast to our previous tracks, which are dark and a bit aggressive. The track has a high-energy beat that keeps the tempo up throughout the day, so it can be played at any time of the day,” Jayson, the youngest member and one of the rappers, added.

With the combination of world-class Korean music production and creative Filipino artistry, 1st.ONE’s road to comeback is all the more memorable. TURN UP was produced by First One Entertainment and Warner Music Philippines.

Cover Photo Credit: 1ST.ONE Instagram

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