Jo Koy is making his return to the Philippines this August! Live Nation announced that the Filipino-American comedian will be taking his “Funny is Funny World Tour” to the Mall of Asia Arena on August 31st.

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JOKOY: FUNNY IS FUNNY WORLD TOUR LIVE IN MANILA! August 31 at SM MOA Arena. Tickets available on June 14 (10AM) via SM Tickets.

Ticket Prices at 8,000 / 7,500 / 7,000 / 6,500 / 6,000 / 5,500 / 5,000 / 3,500 / 3,000 / 1,750#JoKoyIsBack#BackToLive#LNPH

— Live Nation PH (@livenationph) June 5, 2022

Ticket prices range from, 1750 PHP to 8,000 PHP and will be available for presale starting Monday, June 13 before going on sale officially on June 14. Tickets can be purchased here.

Not only will Jo Koy be returning to the Philippines this August, but his movie will also hit theaters during the same month! Easter Sunday is slated to hit the big screen this summer on August 5th!

Cover Photo Courtesy of Jo Koy's Instagram

Paul Pablo is a Filipino artist born and raised in Davao City. He has a distinguished sound of Pop that combines electro-pop, indie, disco, synth-pop, and R&B. At the age of 14, the artist came out and told his family and friends about what he truly felt since childhood and since then, he grew up as an openly gay person slowly unlocking the charismatic and unapologetic personality that he constantly embodies until now as a 22-year-old. As a proud LGBTQ advocate, the transcendent singer wants to help raise the rainbow flag and create songs that everyone can indulge in.

In honor of Pride month, Paul Pablo released a new single on June 1st entitled "Di Inakala." The song is dedicated to people who are firm believers in love and destiny and people who have found the love of their lives. Listen to Paul Pablo’s new track below.

Two of the biggest names in OPM and Filipino hip-hop, Gloc-9 and Skusta Clee are back with a new song! The two cultural icons, who have connected before on “Karma,” are back once again on the powerful “Kumpisal.”

Gloc-9’s career in the music industry is 25 years strong and we’ve heard the MC touch base on a wide variety of topics throughout his discography, but his latest collaboration is his first song about religion and spirituality.  “Kumpisal” looks into the dynamics of the Catholic sacrament of confession from the perspective of an individual practicing the sacrament.

The music video for the song was shot inside a church and features guest appearances by Shanti Dope, DJ Klumcee, and more. Watch the music video for “Kumpisal” below.

Claudia has long been one of the artists making waves in the Philippines with her international-ready sound. The singer is back with a new song following up on her latest set of releases.

“Trigger” is a club-ready track produced by Xavi Panlilio that features Claudia speaking about being interested in a new fling. Throughout the song, she repeatedly asks the catchy question in the chorus: “Should I pull the trigger?” – referencing her newfound interest in a potential partner. This single is definitely a vibe and will have you dancing along throughout the track.

“Trigger” has us excited for more releases from Claudia in the future! Listen to “Trigger” below and stay tuned for more music updates here at MYX!

Arthur Miguel is one of the newest household names in Filipino music. Originally a cover artist, his newfound knack for songwriting has landed him several trending tracks with millions of streams on Spotify in the last two years. His latest release “Kupido” is a song about moving on and aims to add to his impressive resume as a 22-year-old recording artist.

According to a statement provided by Arthur Miguel’s record label: “Kupido” talks about a relationship that failed because one side chose to give up. The song speaks about the challenges, the pain, the sadness, and the hope of a broken person.

While the song sonically may sound bright and optimistic, the lyrics are the complete opposite. According to Arthur, in order to finally move on you need to balance everything – if it hurts, you need to bandage it and if the bandage is suffocating, you need to learn to reduce it in the right way.

Check out “Kupido” below and be ready to be in your feels. 

of Mercury has just released a new EP entitled CHANGIN’ Volume 2. The three-track project features the pop/soul trio embracing genre-melding tunes with fresh, innovative production and setting the stage for a groovy kind of trip.

“In this whole process, we explored new elements that we haven't tried before,” shares the band in a statement. “Lyrics-wise, all the songs are different from each other.”

According to their label’s press release, the three-part release includes “STRESSES,” a soulful, electro-pop anthem that is punctuated by retro-modern grooves and heavy 808 bass; “ENERGY,” a club jam that articulates the frustration of wanting to enact changes within a retrogressive system; and “CHOLULA (Cut You Loose),” a feel-good bop with laid-back funk influences.

Check out of Mercury’s latest project below.

Thai-Italian singer Valentina Ploy is the newest addition to the Warner Music Asia imprint.

Valentina shared, “I am so happy to be working with Warner Music. Very excited and grateful to become part of the family as I feel that they support my vision of developing my artist career beyond limits. It’s always been a dream of mine to bring my music to the world and Warner Music is perfectly suited to help me reach the widest audience possible. With Warner Music and What the Duck, I’ll have an amazing set of partners that will help me achieve my vision and goal.”

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Her newly released single “Bla Bli Blu” is an infectious feel-good track that features the new “it-girl” creating her own love language by showcasing her proficiency in English, Italian, French, and Spanish. The song focuses on emotions that are too strong to be limited to the three words “I love you,” which inspired the multilingual vocalist to put her own spin on the expression “Bla Bli Blu.”

Watch the appropriately colorfully pink music video below.

Malaysian singer-songwriter Yuna just dropped Y2, the second installment of her five-part EP series that will collectively make up her next full-length album: Y5.

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A post shared by Y U N A (@yuna)

Yuna explains that the theme of her new three-song project narrates the process of healing from heartbreak. Not only is Yuna’s songwriting and soulful vocals on display in this project, but she added that she has production credits on each song.

“I discovered something new about myself… that I can produce. Now I don’t have to depend on anyone else for music – I can do things myself. I got really inspired by that. There’s something very powerful about being an independent artist.”

Y2’s lead single is the catchy “Make A Move,” which she describes as “You know that even if this person knows your name, it’s not enough to spark something real, you have to make the first move to talk to him/him or do something before it’s too late or before the situation becomes a ‘could-have-been’.”

Check out “Make A Move”, “Girl U Used 2 Know”, and “24 Hours” off of Y2 below.

Cover Photo Courtesy of Yuna's Instagram

Filipino indie band Lola Amour has announced the departures of saxophonist Joxx Perez and drummer Renzo Santos during their recently released online concert and documentary Looking Back.

The group took to Twitter to share an official statement:

“Thank you Joxx & Renzo for the great 12+ years. Rooting for you guys always. We can still invite ourselves at Joxx’s place anytime anyway.” Check out full official statements from Lola Amour, Joxx Perez, and Renzo Santos below.

The band also plans to release a farewell podcast sometime in the near future to celebrate their accomplishments as a group.

Watch Looking Back: An Online Concert and Documentary below.

Tarsier Records is back with a new banger! “Hotel Room” is the first-ever collaboration between Markus, Kyle Echarri, and Moophs. The track has a deep RnB vibe, combining soulful lyrics and vocals over a neo-soul beat.

The three artists shared their personal takes on the inspiration behind the song in a press release.

According to Markus: "I wrote “Hotel Room” about a specific time in my life when I was trapped by vices and surrounded by the wrong crowd. Looking back on it, I’m proud of myself for getting out of that hole, and out of it came a pretty alright sounding song. I think it’s the best time to release this song because I’m a responsible father now, and it’s a reminder of who I was, not who I am now.”

Kyle Echarri added his thoughts on the personal record, “It’s my first time releasing something that is this personal - on this level / this kind of emotion, so I’m hoping they understand the lyrics the same way we want to portray it. I feel like releasing this now is not just because Markus and I have been wanting to write a song together for a while now, but because I feel like a lot of people go through these kinds of hard times.”

Last but not least, Moophs discussed his part in producing the record: “This is the first of what is hopefully gonna be a series of songs. Markus wrote a song and sent me a voice note, I produced a beat around it and Kyle penned a second verse and hopped on the track! Their songwriting chemistry together in the studio is magical. Originally, it was all acoustic guitar but Markus really wanted the electric sound layered in and I used those combined with my own experience producing neo-soul tracks to arrive at the final product.”

Check out the lyric video below and stream “Hotel Room” HERE

Bawal Clan is a hip hop/design-oriented collective, composed of hip hop artists, vocalists, music producers, DJs, directors, photographers, videographers, and graphic artists. Some of the hip-hop artists have been in the industry for a decade, showcasing a vast range of experience and knowledge of how to make it as a musician. They have all joined forces to make a supergroup of talented artists to make an imprint in today’s music scene, collaborating worldwide with the intention to be heard globally. Completely independent and without association with any major music labels - they are focused to make music that will resonate throughout and outside of the Philippines, and spotlight the talent that is here in the country.

The collective recently released their latest album, “Tales from tha Crypt, Vol.1.” When asked about the album, Yung Bawal, the lead producer/engineer of the group, explains: “We had a couple of old songs we wanted to release as an EP, but as we were fixing that, we ended up making new songs. So to me, there isn't one specific theme in terms of the song choices in the album. It was a mix of old songs and new ones that all have their own vibe. I guess you can connect the name of the album in that sense, that each song has its own tale to be told."

He added “I just want to let people hear music that we've been making and it's on them to make their own interpretations on it, based on what resonates or what doesn't. I know not everyone is gonna like everything we make as everyone has their own personal taste. Art is art and is supposed to be open for interpretation, everyone hears and sees things differently.”

Check out “Tales from tha Crypt, Vol.1.” below. 

Zack Tabudlo is one of the biggest hitmakers in the Philippines, and his newest single has the potential to add to his list of chart-topping hit records. “As You Are” is a pop wedding song and the track definitely lives up to the description. “Pop wedding songs here in the Philippines have been already fading,” Zack said in a press release. Well, it looks like the singer is bringing it back with his first-ever all-English single.

According to the crooner, the song is dedicated to “people in love, and people who have found real love and the one for them.” He further explained the song in a lengthy Instagram caption: “It’s about loving someone for who they are. A weird feeling that bursts out of your heart when you’re with the right person. And giving everything you can to a certain someone, making them feel that they deserve the whole world.”

Stream the song here and check out the lyric video for “As You Are” below.

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