FRESH FIVE: Feb 5, 2021 Kara Marni, Jason Derulo Ft. Adam Levine, James Reid

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Post Date: February 7, 2021

The Fresh 5 is a weekly show that features five of the hottest songs from around the world,  hosted by DannieBoi. Discover fresh music first from around the world to add to your Spotify playlists & tag @myxglobal on social media for your favorite picks of the week. You'll see these songs soon on your global music charts!

Here's our picks of the week of 2/5/2021:

5. Stephanie Poetri "How We Used To" - The latest single to her new EP, AM : PM.

4. Christian Bautista "This I Promise You" - Asia's Romantic Balladeer covers the classic NSYNC song.

3. Kara Marni "Trippin" - R&B and Soul? Kara Marni got us daydreaming.

2. Jason Derulo Ft. Adam Levine "Lifestyle" - The "Savage Love" hitmaker collaborates with Maroon 5's Adam Levine!

  1. James Reid "Soda" - Buckle up as we enter the new era. This is James Reid's new single after his long hiatus.

Find out what’s on the list next week!

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