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Kara Marni Wants to Visit the Philippines for Mangos and Sisig

Posted By: Danielle Domingo
Post Date: November 5, 2020

If you haven’t heard about Kara Marni, you’re missing out. Based out of London, Kara Marni is a Soul, R&B singer who’s opened for Lewis Capaldi, supported Rita Ora on tour, and taken the stage at UK festival, Glastonbury. Make sure to add her to your playlist because she will be joining the likes of Mahalia, Ella Mai, and Jorja Smith. In this myxCLUSIVE with Dannieboi, we get to know Kara Marni, her new music, and where she’d like to visit next.

1. Music started for her through Youtube
Kara started releasing covers on Youtube then it all got real for her when she got signed. One of her favorite covers is Lauryn Hill and D’Angelo’s “Nothing Event Matters” which also featured XamVolo. She was always a fan of music, but didn’t venture out in making her own music until she worked with her team. Since then, she’s realized how far she’s come and grown as an artist.

2. Kara isn’t just an artist but also a creator
Dannieboi asked her when she knows a track is done. She explains that creators like herself constantly have new ideas coming and tend to overthink ideas. If it was up to her, it would never be done because there’s always something to improve. Isn’t that all our problem, we’re never fully satisfied. Kara says, “it all comes down to a deadline. I’ll keep going and want to add harmonies.”

3. The R&B scene in the UK is a bit misunderstood
Kara loves London but is looking to move to America to further her career. She explains, “they (Americans) show so much love for R&B artists where in the UK it’s a bit misunderstood” or not as popular. She mentions other artists who are “absolutely smashing it” are Ella Mai and Mahalia are helping bring it to the forefront, but Kara shared that it’s all a community there. There is a bond between artists.

4. Her track, “Young Heart” with Russ happened through the DMs
What was originally a solo song which is also available, Kara felt “it would be sick if a beat was thrown in.” Russ DM’d her on Instagram then she sent him the song where he dropped his bars. The idea for the music video came about because of the pandemic. The details in the video are insane and capture specific designs of each of their actual homes. Kara says it reflects how we’re currently interacting and connecting during social distancing. If you haven’t seen it yet, you need to!

5. During the rapid fire segment, Kara adds Philippines to her travel list
She’s heard that the Philippines is beautiful, and we couldn’t agree more! Kara is excited to try the various types of fruits and especially her favorite fruit, mangos! Fresh or dried mangos, Kara you’ll love them! Dannie couldn’t help but recommend another Filipino favorite, sisig. Kara mentions she’s venturous when it comes to food so we can’t wait until she visits to try it and also bring her music to the islands.

Until then, we have new music to look forward to on November 20th from Kara Marni but also a project coming early next year. We can’t wait to catch up again, but give Kara Marni follow to stay up to date.

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