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KZ Tandingan & TJ Monterde Announce New EP on myxCLUSIVES

Posted By: Danielle Domingo
Post Date: October 27, 2020

Newlyweds and super talented stars KZ Tandigan and TJ Monterde joined myx to take a musical journey through their humble beginnings to their most memorable moments to their latest song that they wrote about their wedding day, "Can't Wait to Say I Do." The music video was comprised of footage from their wedding party and the song was written about the excitement they both felt for their wedding day, they hope that other couples use the song on their special day.

myxCLUSIVELY they announced that they will have additional singles together and an ENTIRE NEW EP together! In a few days they will have a new song out, so follow them on social media so you'll be the first to know when it comes out. Watch the full interview below where they also played a fun game of song roulette, solidifying why they are the ultimate #relationshipgoals.

The couple talked relationship, careers, and what’s next for them both. Here are 10 highlights from the interview.

  1. Doing music wasn’t the first choice
    KZ shared that she didn’t think doing music was possible because it was considered a hobby and not a career. While TJ came to Manila at 21 years old and gave himself 2-3 years in music. If it didn’t pan out, he’d go back home and get a job. When asked what profession they could become for a day, KZ said an astronaut and TJ said he’d love to be a NBA ball person catching the basketballs and cleaning the court. Lucky for us, music is their calling!

  2. They write songs together
    When asked about their favorite songs to sing, it ranged from OPM (Original Pilipino Music) to acoustic pop songs and power ballads. TJ shared that he once attended a writing camp where he got to work with one of his favorite artists from the group Apo Hiking Society. He was speechless at the opportunity and was soaking every moment in. When he returned, KZ was inspired by his excitement that they wrote 5 songs together.

  3. KZ and TJ love the journey of writing music
    They both agreed that it’s always exciting to write new songs. TJ’s favorite part is performing at schools and campus tours because he can encourage students to write. “As long as it’s an expression that comes out of your heart, don’t be afraid. It doesn’t have to be a good song or perfect every time.”

  4. XFactor was an important part of KZ’s life
    She won the only XFactor season in the Philippines and reflecting back on it 8 years later, she’s still overwhelmed and grateful to where it’s led her. She was rejected many times, but she’s thankful to have taken one more chance on herself. The biggest takeaway she shares is to “never stay in your comfort zone.”

  5. TJ is part of the KZ fan club
    They’re their biggest supporters. From events to tours they still find time to make each other a priority. TJ said, “Even if we’re married and a (normal) couple when we’re alone, when she performs, I’m a fanboy.”

  6. They support each other 100%
    With both of them having crazy schedules, they explained that sometimes connecting can get tough. TJ shared a story of KZ being on tour and they would sometimes just catch up in the car going from one place to another or grab coffee before she’s off to the next top. KZ says that TJ supports her in many ways, “He always texts and calls. We put each other in the other person’s shoes.”

  7. Their relationship started out in the kuya zone
    They initially met through balladeer Martin Nivera as TJ was a host for events and KZ was a mentee of Sir Martin on XFactor. There was an automatic connection because they’re both from the Visayas region. KZ teased that TJ was president of the friend zone or in this case, the “kuya zone.” It wasn’t love at first site as she was the shoulder TJ turned to.

  8. When KZ was filming for the movie, “The Art of Ligaw,” she asked TJ to pretend to break up with her so she could cry in a scene
    KZ was nervous to film a movie because she’s a singer, but the whole cast was supportive and there to help her navigate this new role. What she liked about the film is that “ligaw” means lost and also could mean love. KZ said the movie is about how people need to be lost before they love and find each other.

  9. KZ and TJ would be open to have a movie about their relationship
    TJ gave it the title, “Love in 2 Letters.” He chose this title because love is in the letters TJ and KZ. How cute is that! Plus, they’d want Kathniel (love team of Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla) to star in the film and play them!

  10. The most memorable moments in their careers has been performing for fans
    KZ’s most memorable moment was on her ‘Supreme’ Concert at the Dubai World Trade Center as it was the first time an Asian act had sold out the arena. For TJ, it was his first concert when he sang all his own original songs. KZ adds that she was very proud of him as because the whole crowd was singing his songs back to him.

For now, watch the music video for "Can't Wait To Say I Do," all the earnings from the video will be be to raise funds for INSPIRE CHURCH METRO by watching & sharing this video:

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