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Post Date: June 18, 2021

Check out this week's MYX News Hot List below:

  1. MYX Music: BGYO, SB19, AJ in Concert - TFC and MYX have partnered with the San Francisco Philippine Consulate for Kalayaan 2021, featuring BGYO, SB19, and AJ Rafael!
  2. MYX Lifestyle: Celebrating BTS - BTS and McDonald's collaborated for a special limited-time-only meal!
  3. MYX Lifestyle: Saweetie gets Icy on Vogue, Complex, Nascar - Rapper Saweetie is this month's cover of Teen Vogue and Complex!
  4. MYX Music: H.E.R drops #BOMM album - After 4 Grammys and an Oscar, H.E.R has finally released her debut album!
  5. MYX Music: Guapdad 4000, !llmind Go Deluxe with Rick Ross - Guapdad 4000 and !llmind have just released the album, 1176.

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