P1M ($22K+ USD) Raised by SARI NOT SARI DJs & New "Rise" (Together) Video by Inigo Pascual, Sam Concepcion & more

Posted By: MYX
Post Date: December 26, 2020

Our goal of raising at least P1M Pesos ($22K+ USD) was raised in November by our MYX partnership with the SARI NOT SARI 50+ Filipino DJs from around the world that held 16 hour Sunday Twitch raids in November to raise money for the typhoon relief efforts by the ABS-CBN Foundation. In this video you'll see some of the foundation's amazing work that has helped those effected by the natural disasters with meals, hygiene/health packages & shelter in the Philippines. A special thank you to the SARI NOT SARI Founders (Nico Blitz, Cassandrea Ho, DJ KZA DatGuyRy) and every DJ, moderator, donator & viewer for participating in the fundraising efforts on various platforms.

Donations continue on the ABS-CBN Foundation @Tiltify account for their ongoing work to support disaster relief & rehabilitation, child welfare & environment protection as well as at

This “Rise” (Together) video also shows us how 2020 has tested us throughout the world from social injustice to the fight for press freedom & safety of our frontliners, but how we manage to #KeepOnRising through it all, with every challenge, we are stronger now.

Watch the #RISEtogether international colab from Tarsier Records by Eric Bellinger, Inigo Pascual, Sam Concepcion, Moophs, Zee Avi, & Vince Nantes, with messages of hope from your favorite stars.

Thank you ABS-CBN news, @jeremiahysip, the ABS-CBN Foundation & Ang Misyon for the video footage that was used in this video.

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