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After the Noon Records proudly presents their  newest single entitled “Meet Me at Sunrise,” written  by Arthur Tan and Lesha, with music by Tan and vocals by Lesha. The track delivers a new take on a breakup song and by channeling an upbeat banger and that brings the singular crucial realization, “You are not the  same no more.” 

Once you press play, there’s no stopping the groove. Listeners will know they’re in for a treat. “Meet Me at Sunrise” starts on an introspective note as Lesha laments, “I  thought about all the times we used to get along.”  As the track progresses and the instrumental grows,  she becomes more confident in herself, concluding:  “Now I’m just thankful that I never even tried to stay.” 

It’s rare to find breakup songs that sound warm and enlightening, and that’s exactly what Tan achieves with his charismatic music production. He brings buoyancy to the concept with his light snare rhythm and simple piano-synth track. Along with Lesha’s  seductive vocals, the uplifting rave tune balances out  its heart wrenching message. 

“Meet Me at Sunrise” successfully conveys that feeling of post-separation consolation. Whether or not you've experienced that feeling, the song’s overall hopeful energy will have you rooting for anyone going through that similar situation.  

It’s safe to say that Arthur Tan and Lesha will bring their own novelty to the table in this instant DJ classic; a sure bet to get everyone (including those with broken hearts) back up on their feet. 

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“Meet Me At Sunrise” will be available for streaming  on November 25, 2022, on Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, and Amazon Music.

Cover Photo Credit: After The Noon Records

After the release of his first track of the year, "Stay with Me," Massiah is already back with his second single. "Paid For It" is sonically opposite of the R&B track "Stay with Me" as it's an alt-rap track layered with trap elements, flamenco-inspired guitar samples, and an entrancingly rhythmic drum pattern. To add to the release of the track, Massiah gives us another self-directed visualizer, which was shot in his hometown of Dumaguete City in the Philippines. Check out the new track and listen on all platforms.

Massiah describes the song as an "inspiration for listeners to take up the mantle as a lone wolf and forget their own path, leaping towards an endless finish line." The lyrics dive in and depict the moment you let all your inhibitions go and sacrifice yourself to the whim of your destiny. You definitely see this in the visualizer as people zip through the city on longboards living. They're just letting go, feeling free to follow their destiny.

"Paid for It mimics the "Stay With Me" music video which highlights his life growing up in Dumaguete. It takes viewers on an afternoon with Massiah and his friends longboarding near his hometown in the forest-filled streets of Valencia.

In addition to new music by Massiah, Careless Music released 2 remixed tracks to the collab between Nadine and Massiah for "White Rabbit." It's another project they worked on with the label, After The Noon Records. The song was remixed by producer LUZE, the multi-disciplinary creative with a pursuit for the moody and easy-going while After the Noon CEO Arthur Tan created Flight Like This remix with Massiah. The label recently also remixed another track form the Wildest Dreams album, "Intoxicated."


Raised in both Dumaguete and Ghana is a hip-hop artist who pulls inspiration from various genres, stemming from his diverse background and exposure to a wide range of music growing up. He uses his eclectic taste to sift through different styles and then stitch them together creating his own unique sound. Music that's combined with his masterful lyricism, expressive and melodic stories brimming with bravado all delivered in a sophisticated and stylish manner.


Raised in Manila with experience in New York City, Arthur is a producer and DJ who has performed all over the Philippines, making crowds dance whether in hidden pubs,
go-to venues like Black Market and The Palace, or even Bacolod’s Masskara Festival.

In NYC, he has brought his music to Manhattan and Brooklyn, performing in venues including Kinfolk 90, Kinfolk 94, The Vinyl, and Smithfield Hall. Even in a pandemic, he has managed to release new music - including his debut single “Peace of Mind (ft. vydd)” and his debut EP After the Party in May 2021. His latest single “I Need U,” a collaboration with Manila-based singer-songwriter Lesha, was released in July 2021.

Cover Photo Credit: Careless Music Facebook

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