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To welcome Virgo season, LESHA releases her latest album, 3RD EYE with Careless Music. She's teased us with a couple tracks, "3:33" and "Demons" off the album to give a taste on what to expect in her newest project. A year in the making, the artist has come a long way from making music from her bedroom to having it available for the whole world. Stream the album now!

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Fans can expect to her more of her mystical, dark-pop music that talks about both personal observed experiences. She's all about astrological signs and making music her way. LESHA is the kind of musician who has a goal of creating music that not only her fans can enjoy, but something she's also proud of. Check out the playlist below and start listening!

Twin Flames
Hate Me
This Is Your Game
3rd Eye

Cover Photo Credit: LESHA Instagram

Maymay closed out 2021 with a new single, "Naniniwala Ako" from her album, MPowered that has all of us believing in ourselves going into the new year. Sometimes we're our own worst enemies and Maymay inspires listeners that we all have the power to push through.

The pop track has a bit of R&B flare and mixed with inspirational lyrics about believing you could pick yourself up again when times get rough, it's a tune with a message that we all have to hear.

"Naniniwala ako na kaya ko
Matibay ang puso at isisigaw

Maymay also gives a simple music video to accompany the track as no theatrics are needed when the message is this strong. She sings to herself in pink pastel room looking like a Greek goddess. It portrays strength, simplicity, and revival. Check it out below and let us know @myxnews what you'll be believing for in 2022!

Cover Photo Credit: Maymay Entrata Twitter

From focusing on his own music and label for the past couple years, James Reid focused in just on acting for Zack Tabudlo's latest music video. "Para Sa Mga Ex" is the second track off of Tabudlo's newest album, Episode. The 14-track album has been accompanied by 2 videos for its official series launch with more coming soon.

Check out the emotional episode about going through the motions caused by a breakup featuring "sad boy James."

James Reid tells us to get ready to eat our feeling in this heartbreak-fast visual. If you don't feel for James' character by the end, you should get checked. His character goes through different emotions in the stage of a fresh break up, but still trying to make a friendship work between them. It seems like many things were left unsaid, but now it's too late.

Did you also get the feels and picking yourself off the floor because of how good James Reid was in the video? Us too because Zack Tabudlo nailed it with this! Tell us what you thought of the song and the video @myxnews

Cover Photo Credit: Zack Tabudlo Facebook

Move over CDs (yes, they still exist), vinyls are making a comeback! Olivia Rodrigo announced that her No. 1 chart topping album is going vinyl. "SOUR" vinyl is available practically everywhere with beautiful colors you could choose from shades of purple and turquoise. Rodrigo shares that creating "SOUR" and releasing it to the world has been her greatest honor and privilege, but also a strange thing to share a piece of herself.

Listening to music through a physical copy is also a different experience. Rodrigo says that she's "discovered so many of her favorite albums by going through vinyl shelves at flea markets and record shops." She hopes to do the same with her vinyl and become someone else's favorite album. "SOUR" vinyl is out now.

Cover Photo Credit: @oliviarodrigo

It's a big day for Inigo Pascual as he debuts his second album Options. The album now available on all streaming platforms has 12 tracks with hits like Danger, Catching Feelings, Should Be Me, and Always. However to accompany the release of the album is a music video to the latest single, Neverland.

According to, "Inigo is set to “bring Original Pilipino Music (OPM) to the global stage with a refined collection of songs that he recorded with multiple producers and songwriters from Manila to California in a span of two years.” The album revolves around the concept of self-discovery as he explores the options in his musical journey. The leading single, Neverland was produced by Bernard "Harv" Harvey. He's also worked with artists such as Justin Bieber, Summer Walker, Omarion, Kandi Burruss, Gucci Mane and Eminem. He's described the track as “allure of staying in the unknown” rather than deciding to stay in an “unconventional relationship.”

1 Options
2 Lost feat. Moophs
3 Danger feat. Common Kings & DJ Flict
4 Love U Right
5 Catching Feelings feat Moophs
6 Neverland
7 Should Be Me Lyrics
8 Always
9 First Impressions
10 Not Him
11 Ride Lyrics
12 On my way! (Stripped)

Cover Photo Credit: Inigo Pascual Facebook

Inigo Pascual has been a rising artist breaking through the music industry. He's not only a pop superstar in the Philippines, but Inigo is also marking his mark globally. An accumulation of 2 years of pushing out new music, music videos, and collaborations he's finally releasing his second album. The upcoming album Options releases June 25th and is the same title as his 2019 single with Tarsier Records. Expect a full-length record and it's ready to pre-order! The announcement was posted on social media along with a video snippet of a stripped down version of the single. Stay tuned on MYX Global for more info!

Inigo's most recent song with DJ Flict and Common Kings, Danger kicked off our summer jams playlist with its catchy hook. The artists recently caught up with each other and had their own jam session. TFTI! We can't wait to see this track performed live because it'll bring all the island vibes!

If you haven't yet heard Options but we're sure you already have, check out the music video below. You know you want to hear it again!

Cover Photo Credit: Inigo Pascual Facebook

When Olivia Rodrigo released her second single Deja Vu earlier this month, it climbed to the top of the charts. Before the release, she held a livestream where she shared that her debut album is almost ready. Now, Olivia Rodrigo is ready to take the music industry by storm with her debut album SOUR, releasing May 21st.

In her latest Instagram post she shares possibly the album cover or theme along with the track listing. The album consists of 11 tracks included are the smash CARaoke song Driver's License and Deja Vu. Just looking at the listing, her music tells a story. As a singer-songwriter, we can expect a diverse sound from pop to acoustic with of course a Taylor Swift/Lorde influence.

The release of her album comes one week after the premier of Season 2 of "High School Musical The Musical The Series" on Disney+. This season takes off as the East High Wildcats puts on a spring musical production of Beauty and the Beast. New friendships, relationships, and rivalries form with a competitive North High. With Olivia's character Nini off to a performing arts conservatory school, it leaves the Wildcats to adjust to a new dynamic.

Cover Photo Credit: Olivia Rodrigo Facebook

Dannieboi is joined by Melanie C on this myxCLUSIVE to talk about her new music and how it’s a “true representation of who she is.” We all know Melanie C from the huge girl group Spice Girls, but since then she’s released her own music that’s also so catchy. She talks about her latest project self-entitled album, Melanie C that features dance/pop sounds that has us grooving along. From the first track Who I Am that set up the direction of the album to the song Fearless with Nadia Rose, it shows the empowering sound of the project.

ICYMI Melanie C also talks about never having been to the Philippines yet and looks forward to visiting soon. She mentions how there were scheduled stops, but it got postponed unfortunately. However she said that as soon as it’s safe to travel internationally, Mel C still has Philippines on her list. “I love to travel, meeting new people, experiences different cultures and food.”

To catch the whole interview, check it out below!

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