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Alex Bruce explores themes of resilience, achievement, and empowerment on her new single "Swoosh!" The Filipino rapper released the song in celebration of International Women’s Month. The bass-heavy, hip-hop track was initially penned for the FIBA campaign of international activewear brand NIKE, where she served as one of its ambassadors. According to the young artist, “SWOOSH” is about embodying the spirit of NIKE’s iconic trademark, “Just Do It!” in every aspect of life. “It’s more than just a song in a way; it’s an anthem, a testament to the power of determination, self-belief, and seizing the moment.”

Filipina rapper Alex Bruce and O Side Mafia’s Costa Cashman connect on a new song titled "Bling." The collaboration is a sonic offering that introduces a seamless blend of minimalist rap and spaced-out production courtesy of BRGR and Costa Cashman himself!

While the song may sound like your typical flexing banger, the young MC shares there's a deeper meaning behind the track “This song celebrates our success as an artist and how we’ve come a long way in surmounting the challenges in our respective careers,” the young Filipina rapper explains. “We’re both bragging respectfully, but there’s more to this track than flaunting our achievements. It’s also about hard work and rewarding yourself and the people around you who made it possible for you to survive and win in life.”

She added: “I’ve always trusted Cashman and BRGR when it comes to dishing out the best beats to complement my energy and delivery. I am aware that they know what they’re doing and based on first-hand experience, the material resonates with
me on a personal level.”

Stream Alex Bruce and Costa Cashman's "Bling" below!

You know teenage rap sensation Alex Bruce, but now you will be introduced to her alter-ego. The rising star just dropped her new single titled  “Betty Bruce” with Sony Music Entertainment and it's a female anthem. In the track, the femcee draws inspiration from well known cartoon character Betty Boop, an iconic figure best known for her independent and free-thinking outlook on life.

On “Betty Bruce,” Alex raps about being a woman of power and integrity. She also discusses not caring about what others think and taking control of her own decisions, no matter how others try to box her into a specific category. Check out the empowering record below!

Following the positive reviews that SB19 and NOBITA earned for their unique spin on The Eraserheads’ beloved classics, more OPM acts have come together to pay tribute to the country’s biggest and most influential band of all time.

Multi-hyphenate pop soloist Ace Banzuelo reinterprets “Ang Huling El Bimbo” with intimate, soul-crushing details. Transforming the epic anthem into a spacey jam, the young hitmaker peels back the layers of the original with his brooding, bedroom-pop styling. He imprints his own identity to the material, while valuing the lyrical profundity and awe-inspiring bigness of the original.

“It's great that I'm allowed to give it the sound and approach that I want. A lot of the original was kept, but a lot was taken away. This project became meaningful to me throughout the process because I was producing it as if I had written the song."


Alt-rock newcomers of Mercury and Any Name’s Okay vocalist Sof Abrogar join young hip-hop virtuoso Alex Bruce in reinterpreting “ Superproxy ,” a cross-genre smash originally performed by The Eraserheads and legendary rap icon Francis M. The newly formed ensemble breathed new life into the timeless tune with a more jagged sonic direction that sounds both retro and
futuristic at the same time.

“I think we pretty much did our own thing, but left the structures and melody of the song. It was a pretty tricky song to work on given the genre, but we’re pretty happy with how it came out nonetheless.”


“It was honestly an honor for us to be able to cover an Eheads song and be able to incorporate our own flavor into it,” says of Mercury in a collective statement. Alex Bruce was grateful to be part of this project, and considers the song one of her go-to jams. “This song is a masterpiece. It’s iconic. I wanted to add a little spice, a little flavor, and a bit of contemporary oomph to it. Our reworked version is a fusion of old school and new school.”

Growing up in a big family with a collective love and fascination for ‘80s and ‘90s Pinoy rock, Any Name’s Okay lead vocalist Sof was initially intimidated by the project, but took the challenge to heart in hopes of fulfilling her childhood dream. “Besides what I mentioned earlier about my family, I take particular inspiration from The Eraserheads’ lyricism in Tagalog or Filipino...The band inspires me to really root my own music in my own
experiences and in empathy for others’."

"Even in my own music career with ANO, I try to use Filipino in our songs as much as I can, and I really think the Eraserheads use the language in all its richness and strength. I also love how they are unapologetic in writing about our culture, whether that’s as shallow as UP life or as large as national politics."


Apart from the revamped tracks by some of today’s biggest hitmakers, five of The Eraserheads’ legendary albums were re-released in full 360-degree spatial sound to give listeners a new immersive music experience. These influential records include Ultraelectromagneticpop!, The 25th Anniversary Remastered Edition, Circus (25th Anniversary Remastered), Cutterpillow,
Fruitcake, and Sticker Happy.

Ace Banzuelo’s “Ang Huling El Bimbo” and of Mercury x Sof Abrogar x Alex Bruce’s “Superproxy” are out now on all digital music platforms worldwide via Sony Music Entertainment.

Teenage rapper Alex Bruce’s new song is an R&B/Rap crossover that talks about relationships. On “Ayoko Pa,” the femcee calls out potential suitors for coming off too strong, and emphasizes her decision to wait for love at the right time. “It’s a song that expresses my stand on not being ready for a commitment,” says the 15-year-old artist. “I know my priorities, and I don’t reject people just because I don’t feel a connection or synergy. It’s just that I’m too young to enter into a relationship that would easily fizzle out.”

The song comes with accompanying colorful visuals featuring Alex Bruce switching off between performing her lyrics and dancing choreography pieces. The music video also features cameos from rising rapper Benedic Fragata and TikTok personalities Yvon and Achi. Watch the music video below!

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