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BGYO had a fantastic debut year in 2021, thanks to all their training as the Star Hunt Academy Boys in 2018. If you haven't seen their documented journey alongside their sibling group BINI, we recommend checking it out. One Dream: The BINI-BGYO Journey can be binged here.

During their journey to becoming BGYO, the boys had a handful of performances, both dancing and or showcasing their vocals, and we've gathered some favorites below. Check out these Pre-Debut performances as the Star Hunt Academy Boys, and let us know your favorite performance by voting down below!

Happy Hallyu Day 4 I Star Hunt Academy Boy Trainees (BGYO)

BGYO Full Dance Performance at PhilKor Fest 2020 | (Trainee Days)

Star Hunt Academy Boys performs Tala | It's Showtime

Star Hunt Academy Boys performs on Asap Natin 'To stage | ASAP Natin 'To

Star Hunt Academy Trainees take on Sarah G’s hit songs! | ASAP Natin 'To

Star Hunt Academy Trainees set the dance floor on fire with their power moves | ASAP Natin 'To

BGYO Pre-Debut

You may be familiar with our next 1MX Spotlight feature Jeremy G as he's one of Philippines most talented young performers today. He'll be making his MX debut this weekend and you won't want to miss it! Let's get to know a little bit more about Jeremy G.

  1. Jeremy G got his start through a singing competition.
    In 2017, he was a grand finalist in the very first teen edition of The Voice of the Philippines and now is a rising star under Makers Management Group.

2. His fanbase continues to grow around the world.
Jeremy G has more than 100k monthly listeners on his Spotify page, but he's also gaining a recognition through winning awards like "Best R&B Recording" in the 33rd Awit Awards.

3. He can not only sing, but he also could bust a move.
You can catch Jeremy singing and dancing his heart out on ASAP Natin 'To as he performs alongside of the biggest names in the OPM entertainment industry.

Jeremy G is going to nail his set at 1MX and it'll only be the beginning for his young promising career.

Cover Photo Credit: Jeremy G Twitter

As BGYO's "The Baddest" music video continues to rack up views, the live performances for this new comeback are beginning to pop up, and we couldn't be any more excited to see the boys working it out on stage. But, we all knew this was coming sooner than later because dance practice footage was released on their official Youtube page.

BGYO helped bring the ACE Elite Secret Service to life from the rehearsal room to the ASAP stage! With glimpses of the choreo in the dance breaks from the official music video, we can already see that "The Baddest" would be visually great to witness live. From what we saw on the ASAP stage this past weekend, we were totally right.

This is just the beginning of this era, and just like the rest of the ACE fandom out there, we're sure all of us are looking forward to the next!

Cover Photo Courtesy of BGYO Instagram

Don't call it a comeback! BGYO's single, The Baddest is out now and we're rocking along with them for this new track that hit No. 1 on iTunes within the first hour of its release. The Taglish track begins a new era and different sound for the group. BGYO worked with multi-platinum artist and producer TC Mack who's also worked with KPop group EXO, on arrangement and production. Everyone's excited for a music video because with a track this good, you know the visuals and choreography are going to be insane! Listen to The Baddest below!

Before the release of The Baddest, BGYO has been putting out catchy tunes. Let's look back at some of their best performances. Which are your favorites or did we miss one? Let us know and use #MYXBGYOTheBaddest

MYX Awards 2021
BGYO's latest performance on MYX Awards 2021 gave us all the feels with their song, He's Into Her. Can we please talk about their fits and aesthetic! Like who isn't into them?

Wish 107.5 Bus
Listen to their great vocals and harmonies on their performance of their first single, The Light on the Wish 107.5 Bus! It's a different pace from most of their performances, but we really get to focus just on the group and their music.

FanCam Live Show
Check out this FanCam performance of Isigaw Mo and can we say we're all yelling for more! Cannot wait until live music and shows come back so we can catch them and their sweet choreography.

Coke Studio
Get to know a little bit more about BGYO and see them perform While We Are Young. It definitely gives off OG One Direction vibes with cute solo spots.

ASAP Natin 'To
BGYO shows off their dance moves and spot on formations in this performance of Sasamahan Kita. All the way from their cohesive looks to individual personalities shining through in the performance, this is definitely a favorite.

Cover Photo Credit: BGYO Facebook

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