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The last two years hasn't been what we all expected. Now, we're looking to heal from it. In a special screening of R&B artist Kiana V's newest track Dazed, she reflects on how the song came to be and her experience on creating the movement visual. Dazed is now available on all streaming platforms and check out the movement visual!

I was pushed and pulled into so many directions and didn't know what I wanted.


Dazed was written two years ago in 2019 during a time Kiana V was trying to achieve an inner healing. She reflects back, "it [Dazed] is about the push and pull that one goes through internally when you try to achieve inner healing." The goal she had in mind was to reintroduce herself to herself. The song is a reminder of who she is as a person and artist during a time she didn't recognize who Kiana V was anymore.

To accompany the track dropping, a movement visual premiered that had everyone in the screening buzz'n. Kiana intended the movement visual to further express herself in a way she wasn't able to in words. Choreographer and co-collaborator Shayna Cua helped in creating movement and flow for the visual. The intent was to pair everything down, show raw movement and peel away Kiana's layers. From the costume to the sets, camera shots, and movement it all matched the song and lyrics perfectly. You see a confident and strong Kiana V who's ready to continue her artistic journey.

I love creating things whether that be visually, clothes, music and it really shows in the song cover and the EP cover


Dazed is only a glimpse of what's next for Kiana V. She mentioned that the Dazed EP is coming out on July 30th with more original songs and expect the R&B/lo-fi sound vibes. Also hang tight for more creative projects coming like BTS and photos from Dazed and the upcoming EP. The cover photos for the track and EP were shot by her good friend, DJ Magbanua. Together, they were able to capture Kiana's vision of expressing the lyrics, mood, and essence of herself as an artist. She nails the aesthetics, but her music and visuals go deeper than that. Stay tuned for more on Kiana V's Dazed EP!

Cover Photo Credit: Kiana V Official Facebook

Your favorite Kiana V remyxed. Tarsier records says, "our quaran-theme, reimagined."

 Kiana V, Subzylla

Stream "Corners" (Subzylla Remix) on your fave music app. Listen to the original version of Corners below alongside the music video Kiana shot & edited herself while in quarantine in Los Angeles:

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