Rising young stars, Francine Diaz and Seth Fedelin enter the next steps to their careers with this team up for Ace Banzuelo's newest music video for the song, "Muli." This marks one of their first official projects as a tandem pair, which is known by fans as FranSeth. The video hit 1 million views on its first day after the release on July 3rd. The long time friendship and connection the two actors have shined through in their portrayal of lovers. Their chemistry is off the charts that matches the tone of the track.

Ace Banzuelo's pop ballad shows the ups and downs of a relationship from the good moments all the way up to its falling out. The break-up track hits the heartstrings with its hard-hitting lyrics of longing, regret, and hope. The aesthetic of the video with its darker gradients and muted colors portrays the sadness of the melody and the lyrics. Francine and Seth's acting skills were top notch making audience believe and feel the hurt of a break-up.

There will be more FranSeth coming soon as they will be staring in a new ABS-CBN and Dreamscape Entertainment series, Dirty Linen with Janine Guiterrez and Zanjoe Marudo. "Muli" gives us a taste of the potential of this tandem and we're excited to see more!

Cover Photo Credit: Francine Diaz Instagram

Tarsier Records artists KaixAaron and Maki link up for their first ever collaboration on “Thinkin’ Bout Your Smile.” The feel good R&B single expresses the joy and nostalgia of being in love and has lyrics both in Tagalog and English. This track is full of good vibes and is definitely a road trip worthy record! The artists discussed their song below.

"The story behind our release is while Kai and I were about to create a song in my bedroom studio in LA back in 2021, we decided to come up with a feel good type of song which we called “Thinkin’ Bout Your Smile.” After a while, with the help of the talented producer Felipe Buencamino, he helped us create this wonderful track. The last thing we did was ask if we can have someone feature in the song and here is one of talented people Kai and I know in Tarsier, Maki, he agreed to collaborate with us and it was approved by Tarsier Records so when everything was finally finished, the song had always given me the feeling of joy every time I listen to it. It is an adorable song for lovers, and we have had this song in our folder for a long time now. I think this song will fit the season for this release." - Aaron

"It’s been a long process with this song. Many obstacles made us feel so distant to the creation of it; however it allowed us to stay more unified and be able to strive for this masterpiece. This song contains the feeling of being with someone for a while kind of vibe, having the feeling of knowing both people went through so much together but at the end of it all, and through all of it they could say “I love you” with no remorse. The reason for releasing this song now is that since summer has arrived, we wanted to introduce a fun vibe to have our audience feel more joyful and positive during the season of sunshine." - Kai

"A lot of us tend to think a lot. The world is in chaos right now but somehow, being able to have the thought of someone special to you is happy and smiling–it's everything you ever need to try and be more optimistic." - Maki

Check out the lyric video to the track below and stream it here.

Chris Brown just dropped his 10th full-length album! The highly anticipated “Breezy” features 24 songs in the standard edition and a whopping 34 songs in the deluxe edition. As expected from a project from CB, the entire release is full of r&b hits just in time for the summer!

Two of these songs feature writing credits from Filipino singer/songwriter John Concepcion. John took to his Instagram to announce the news last week:

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“Show It” has social media raving and is clearly one of the standout records off of “Breezy.” Congratulations to John Concepcion! You can pre-save the singer's upcoming single here.

Idol Philippines season 1 finalist Miguel Odron just dropped a new single! “Still” is a slow jam ballad that is meant to be a love letter for the ghost of the singer’s first relationship. According to Odron, this release narrates his attempt to forget about the memory and eventually accept how he was forever changed by the experience. This song will definitely have you in your feels! 

Miguel Odron also arranged and produced the record on his own. He is currently working on an upcoming full-length album entitled “San Rojo” that will feature more songs, including “Still.” Stay tuned for more information on Miguel Odron and his other new releases!

Photo Courtesy of Miguel Odron's Instagram

jikamarie is back with a new single! Following the theme of her other latest releases, the Philippines-based singer continues to convey the sentiments of her experiences with love, mental and emotional challenges, and how one navigates their youth by combining elements of R&B, soul, and dream-pop.

“KISLAP” is an 80's-nostalgia, dream-pop track that talks about a relationship that has been doomed since the beginning. The song talks about embracing the fact that if the relationship doesn't stand a chance in the real world, they will make the most of spending one last night together without knowing what could happen next. Listen to the track below and let us know what you think!

Get ready, UK. 1MX is headed to London! From Manila, Singapore, Abu Dhabi to Dubai, the record-breaking and sold-out music festival is set to hit the stage at the APPS Court Farm on July 30th! The best and brightest artists are coming together to give you the ultimate music experience.

On the bill for the festival, 1MX is bringing out amazing artists Bamboo, KZ, EZ Mil, Darren Espanto, SAB, Jeremy G, Angela Ken, Jon Guelas, and some UK-based Artists to vibe with all day. The festival will have back-to-back full performances from noon to sundown. Tickets are now available, and there is currently a Promo going on! You can get 50% off general admission tickets until July 5th by purchasing HERE!

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Arthur Miguel is back with a new song! The Philippines-based singer/songwriter’s newest release ‘Huli’ sounds almost tailor-made for marriage receptions. The slow jam is a serenade track written from the perspective of a man reciting his wedding vows. This ballad will definitely have you in your feels!

According to a press release from Arthur’s label, the Tagalog track revolves around what makes relationships extraordinary and magical. Additionally, the song is meant to remind everyone that there will be a person who is willing to endure the ups and downs in life together with them. If you haven’t found that special somebody yet, one day you will find someone that supports you fully and gives you the love you deserve.

Listen to ‘Huli’ below.

Ben&Ben is back with new release Langyang Pag-ibig, which in English translates to "That's just love." The track is an angsty rock anthem that lyrically wades into the messiness of a bad breakup. The song depicts the struggle and anger of someone trying to get their life back together.

“It's the song where we flexed our musicality the most,” says the acclaimed band. “It's three songs in one song, but it still sounds like one song.” This latest track was produced by Ben&Ben and Jean Paul Verona, mixed by Sam Marquez and Verona, and mastered by Leon Zervos.  

“We’ve always wanted to make a song with this vibe, and we think the songwriting in itself begged for it,” shares the chart-topping folk-pop group in a statement. “It helped that Jean Paul and Sam were very familiar with the vibe we were going for and that helped create the general mood and sound we wanted for Langyang Pag-ibig.” 

You can now stream Langyang Pag-ibig here and catch the lyric video below.

Rising rap star HERO joins forces with Filipino hitmaker Matthaios on “Dito”! The new single is a rap love song that talks about being willing to spend as much time with your bae as possible. Both the young rap stars show chemistry on the track, which is an undeniably catchy bop that sounds tailor-made for road trips with your significant other.

The song is also accompanied by a music video that co-stars the artists with real-life identical twins Ritchelle and Rochelle San Pedro. The subplot of the visuals takes a twist at the end when it is revealed that the muses look alike due to the fact that they are twins.

Watch the music video for “Dito” below!

The song that keeps on giving! Alamat shares their latest version of their track Sa Panaginip Na Lang with the midnight version. Along with the drop of this version comes a Lyric Visualizer that showcases behind-the-scenes of their music video and past stage performances.

As mentioned the track is about living in a dream versus living in reality without "The One." Their dream-like vibes and vocals on the track area really played out well in all the versions and in this visualizer as well. The group also released an acoustic performance the other week that you should definitely check out.

This week the group also made some major announcements on Facebook that their first mini-album will be out this year! Stay tuned to MYX for more information as that news continues to break.

Coner Photo Courtesy of Alamat's Facebook

KAIA is taking us back to their pre-debut with a new version for us to appreciate. The P-Pop girl group released an acoustic performance for their pre-debut single "KAYA." The performance video showcases a more stripped-down version of the track, with each member contributing to the sound of the acoustic performance.

From Guitars to a Cajon and shaker, the ladies of KAIA are showcasing their talents beyond vocals and dancing, and it's awesome to see. Even by taking out the full production of the track and going acoustic, the "KAYA" performance was still hyped and energetic, just with a different vibe. Check out the performance video below and see for yourself.

Cover Photo Courtesy of KAIA Facebook

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