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Dannieboi has a quick chat on myxCLUSIVES with Tones and I about her hit song Dance Monkey and the latest single Fly Away. We all know Dance Monkey took the world by storm last year and rightfully so by earning the title of Most Shazam Song of All Time. Initially, her team told her that they expect it do sound better live than on radio. Tones and I believed in the song and knew it was a tune that everyone could get on with.

Fast forward to selling out venues and tours across the globe in Australia, Europe, and the US. She explains that "nothing has changed in terms of songwriting or myself as a person. The only thing that changed is the way I live my life." The coolest part is she still busks! You never know, you might see her performing in the least likely place you expect.

Before talking about her most recent release, Dannieboi asked some myxer questions. When asked about her personal favorite app, Tones and I explains she doesn't run her Twitter or FB because she tries to "stay off social media." However, "80% of posts on Instagram is from me and stories are made for sharing what I'm doing right now." Just like us, she also sometimes goes down the blackhole of Tiktok. "It's hard to not look at it," she jokes.

Back to the music, her latest single Fly Away gives you an uplifting mood and the music video follows suit. The thought behind it was showing people what they needed to be happy instead of what they think they need. If you haven't yet seen it, there's a shot where people are dancing in a field freely expressing their emotions. She only wanted to capture the shot in three takes.

"Dancing in the field was true emotion...3 takes of pure happiness and fun because after 3 takes, it's acting and fake. I don't want it."

The lyrics are I had a dream that someday I would just fly, fly away. The song seems fitting for the current times as it shares the message of hope and finding honest, true happiness.

We can't wait for more music to come from Tones and I. To close out the interview, she assures us that she will visit and perform in the Philippines when everything gets better. Until then, we'll just have to keep rewatching the music videos.

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