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In this episode of “Merienda,” aka snack time, we dive into Chef Barb Batiste’s restaurant “Big Boi” with Foodbeast’s Managing Editor Richard “Reach” Guinto and food content creator Kimberly “Dandy” Dela Cruz. Reach and Dandy takes us on the ultimate merienda as they explore some of the most popular items on the Big Boi menu.

About Richard:

Reach is the managing editor at Foodbeast who has his ear to the streets to find his next tasty bite. He loves diving into culture through food and telling the stories that result from such experiences.

About Kimberly:

Kimberly is a lifelong foodie whose combined that passion with sharp social media knowhow to create dynamic, fun, and entertaining food content that highlights local restaurants and businesses to her large and engaging following on @dandy.eats. Her adventurous palate, vibrant energy, and discerning taste are a few keys as to why she’s one to watch in the internet food space.

About Chef Barb Batiste and Big Boi:

After establishing B Sweet, her catering company, dessert trucks and dessert bar, Chef Barb Batiste is FINALLY bringing her savory cooking to the masses. Her first focus... Filipino food! Chef Barb has been making Filipino food with her mom, aunt and grandma since she was a little girl. The Big Boi menu features Chef Barb's versions of Filipino classic recipes and her childhood favorites.

If you have been to Chef Barb's B Sweet Dessert Bar, then you know how much she loves her dad and honors his memory.  His name was Angel, but was fondly nicknamed Boi. Funny enough, MANY Filipino families have a Tito Boi, Lolo Boi or simply a Boi.

So to pay homage to her father and all the other Boi's out there, they chose Big Boi as the name of the restaurant.

If you look closely at the seal, you will see that it is 2 upper case letter B's that are entangled to create a heart. The 2 B's represent Big Boi, Barb Batiste and the unwavering love. 

About Merienda:

“Merienda,” aka Snack Time, is a part of MYX Global’s new Youtube content line-up co-produced with Traklife Media. The show follows influential content creators in food and culinary arts who take us on a snack time journey to Filipino-owned restaurants where they explore the menu, talk to the Chefs, share their tasting reactions, and give us their recommendations. 

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