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Jeremy Passion has two dope new milestones to celebrate with fans! The Filipino singer/songwriter can now add author to his impressive resume. In collaboration with Rad is Rad, the ‘Lemonade’ artist has co-authored a book titled “Lemon Lesson.” 10% of every sale will be donated to help build wells & farms in Turkana, Kenya with the help of CMF International.

Passion took to IG to share some words about the book: “Yo Yooo! I am thrilled to announce this fun project I've been working on with @radisradbooks! ??I co-authored a kids' book with Filipino author, Randy De Jesus. The book is called Lemon Lesson. It's a cute story that pays homage to the famous quote, “When life gives you lemons, make LEMONADE.”?”

Passion also released a song titled “It’s All Good”  in conjunction with the book. He shared the following on IG:

“It’s All Good” is a song I wrote and composed a few months back during the conception of a children’s book I co-authored with @radisradbooks called “Lemon Lesson” which will be available to order tomorrow (6/18/22) on [Link in Bio] This song is all about the power of a positive attitude and looking at life through different perspectives. All in all, we couldn’t appreciate the good days without the bad ones. I hope this song brings you joy and good vibes this summer.”

Check out the lyric video below and purchase the book here.

It's obvious that when you put these three together in a room, it's going to be magical. Jesse BarreraJeremy Passion, and Gabe Bondoc just released a new R&B/Soul track, "Obvious," along with a music video starring dancers Ellen Kim and Devyck Bull. The smooth and silky track reflects the cinematography and choreography for their music video directed by Charles Guinto.

The track talks about an obvious love that runs deep and is ready to take that next step in life. The trio brings a sonically pleasing melody and a catchy chorus to the song, which can easily be placed on repeat. You can now stream "Obvious" on all major streaming platforms.

Cover Photo Courtesy of Jesse Barrera Instagram

With the seasons changing, we're feeling a little nostalgic. We're switching up our playlist and adding some of our favorite OG Youtube Songs to the mix. Whether it's an original or a cover, you can't mention OGs without including AJ Rafael, Jeremy Passion, Gabe Bondoc, Melissa Polinar, JR Aquino, and more!

Check out what we listed down and let us know if we nailed it or what else you'd add!

We gotta kick off with AJ Rafael & Jesse Barrera on the original, "She Was Mine." Honesty, who doesn't know the lyrics? We're already singing along!

Okay, JR Aquino's "By Chance (You & I)" immediately gets stuck in you head...*you and I could be like Sonny and Cher* and you know the rest.

Here comes the unofficial Filipino national anthem. Jeremy Passion's "Lemonade." We don't think there's anything else to say.

Melissa Polinar's "Try" is 12 years old! On it's 10-year anniversary, she re-released the song to commemorate not only the debut of the track but also her journey. We're all feeling nostalgic.

Okay so this medley made all of us want to be part of this friend group. How many times have we gone to a family party and all the kids had to perform? Albert Posis originally posted this impromptu moment among friends and it definitely turned into a medley staple circa early 2010s.

We couldn't leave out Gabe Bondoc and "You're It." Watching the video along screams OG. It was before all the fancy set ups, we see a lot now but it's just Gabe, a mic, and his guitar. We couldn't ask for anything more.

So who remembers "Hey Soul Sister" being played everywhere? We do! But Joseph Vincent's acoustic cover showcases his natural talent. This was definitely on repeat when it first came out and it's still on repeat.

We love, love Kina Grannis and although it's not February yet, we have to include "Valentine." The music video is one of the cutest you'll see and the song is one you can't get enough of.

You know we had to include a bonus track! It's another mash up that includes Jeremy Passion, Inigo Pascual, and Gabe Bondoc. They myx it up with their original songs for a medley of "Catching One Lemonade."

Jeremy Passion, the OG who gave us the unofficial Filipino national anthem "Lemonade" and the artist who impacted many of our lives is soon to inspire more! He partners up with Disney for a remake of "There's a Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow" for the Reimagine Tomorrow Project. Not only do we get to hear his rendition of the classic song, there's a music video coming soon!

He's been waiting months to share the great news and it's all happening now. He'll be part of a new era of artists and voices who "will amplify underrepresented voices and untold stories to show the importance of accurate representation in media." With this collaboration, Jeremy hopes to inspire a new generation and bring them hope. He says, "When the next generation sees me, I want them to feel empowered. And I want them to see that brown skin and say 'hey, if Jeremy Passion can do it, I can do it too." Queue "Lemonade" lyrics, this is exactly what we need.

Because we are all greater than a single story and we all deserve to feel seen, heard and understood.


From the Mouse House social, "Everyone deserves to feel seen, heard, and understood and that’s why we’ve launched the first platform of its kind for amplifying underrepresented voices and untold stories." Their main mission falls into 3 categories: Vision, Voices, Action where one can see the aspirations of the project, follow stories of others, and learn about programs that foster inclusivity and diversity. For more, go to #ReimagineTomorrowTogether

Cover Photo Credit: Jeremy Passion Twitter

FAHMFest aka the largest Filipino Festival in LA is bringing the food, art, music, and fashion to San Pedro, California. The festival is set for October 16-17, 2021, just in time for Filipino American History Month. It is all inspired by Filipino culture and brings together music, food, art, and fashion. Get a 1-Day or 2-Day VIP Pass and enjoy all the festivities that weekend!

They'll transform the historic Port of Los Angeles to celebrate the culture and the elements that make it so special. The lineup of performers is special with emcee sensation EZ Mil, Bay Area favorite P-Lo, and legend Jeremy Passion who's no doubt bringing the unofficial Filipino anthem, Lemonade to the stage. These artists are only a few performers named in the 2-day festival with more going to be announced soon!

FAHMFest includes four of our favorite topics: Music, Food, Art & Dance, and Fashion. Everything is family friendly so bring all the titas, titos, cousins, everyone!

• Music is the heartbeat of any celebration. Enjoy spectacular live performances from headline artists, local favorites, and beloved newcomers. No matter your taste, you’ll find your groove at this two-day musical paradise.

• For food, you’ll step into various “districts” like Filipinotown, Koreatown, and Chinatown to get an authentic taste of Asian cultures - curated by popular chefs and restaurants in our local community.

• Cultural folk performers will be dancing throughout the festival all weekend long. We will also be showcasing a diverse collection of local art and pop-up installations. Don’t forget to stop by our dance competition judged by members of popular dance crews!

• The winners of Miss Philippines USA and other pageants will grace the catwalk wearing the finest in Filipino fashion. Find the work of well-known designers at our vendor booths.

Check out FAHMFest for more info!

Cover Photo Credit: FAHMFest Facebook

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