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In celebration of 30 years of Warner Music Philippines, the record label has just released FELIP’s cover of “Moving Closer.” The iconic song is originally performed by Never the Strangers and written by Anthony Libre (also known as Ace.) 

FELIP, who is best known for his edgy performances, flexes his vocal versatility on the track. The “Moving Closer” cover features the SB19 member singing exclusively over a guitar instrumental. The simple sonics showcase FELIP’s singing capabilities and also introduce a more soft side to the artist. 

Check out FELIP’s cover of “Moving Closer '' originally from Never the Strangers below.

The SB19 member who's been venturing as a solo artist under the name, FELIP has released his latest single, "Bulan." The follow up track is accompanied by a music video that highlights Filipino deities and mythology of pre-colonial times.

The lyrics play off this theme by mentioning figures like the moon goddess Haliya, serpent-like dragon Bakunawa, and FELIP as Bulan. The disclaimer on the video explains the reason behind choosing this theme. It's a “creative interpretation of our nation’s collective memory of Filipino ancient deities. Definitive resources for this aspect of our culture have been destroyed during the colonial period, hence, the goal for this release is to encourage the youth to dig deep, discuss, and to keep this aspect of our memory alive for generations to come."

The release of “Bulan” was initially targeted for mid-May but was postponed in light of the recent presidential elections happening during that time. This was a decision by FELIP and his team as the song's goal is to “encourage discussions around our ancient culture and revisit this aspect of our collective memory as Filipinos.” This is his second solo single after the debut of "Palayo."

The highly anticipated solo performance of "Palayo" by Ken of SB19, aka FELIP on the Wish Bus, is here and is already racking up the views on YouTube. "Palayo" which was released in 2021, was FELIP's first solo project and truly showcased his artistry as a singer, songwriter, and choreographer.

The solo track has now garnered over 2 million plays on YouTube and 2 million streams on Spotify. When it debuted worldwide, reactions from the reactors community on YouTube flooded timelines praising Ken's first solo run as FELIP.

Recently SB19 lit up the Manila streets with their performance on the Wish Bus, drawing in a massive crowd of fans excited to catch their performance. FELIP took to the mic during the same session to perform "Palayo" live. His live vocals were spot on, and it's a performance you don't want to miss. Check out the performance below.

Cover Photo Courtesy of Ken's Instagram

We know Felip as Ken in SB19 who's one of the coolest dancers and one of the talented members of the group. Now he ventures to release his first solo track with the debut of "Palayo." The song is a sultry track that fuses P-pop and Bisaya music with a smooth R&B flare. Think The Weekend vibes on this one. Felip talks about walking away from a person after things take a turn in the relationship.

Accompanying the new track is an artsy visual with unique choreography and lots of style. Haven't checked it out yet? Watch it below!

Ken is the first SB19 member to launch a solo project and we're not the only ones freaking out! The track shows his personality and a different side of himself from Ken and we see him as Felip. The track is also gaining international cred as they also think the track is refreshing. Check out a reaction by siblings Waleska and Efra Herrera!

The visuals behind the track, as we mentioned, is an artful masterpiece interweaved with some amazing fashion that ties the video altogether. Felip just released a behind-the-scenes look into the making of the video, which you can check out below.

Cover Photo Credit: SB19 Twitter

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