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After the Noon Records proudly presents their  newest single entitled “Meet Me at Sunrise,” written  by Arthur Tan and Lesha, with music by Tan and vocals by Lesha. The track delivers a new take on a breakup song and by channeling an upbeat banger and that brings the singular crucial realization, “You are not the  same no more.” 

Once you press play, there’s no stopping the groove. Listeners will know they’re in for a treat. “Meet Me at Sunrise” starts on an introspective note as Lesha laments, “I  thought about all the times we used to get along.”  As the track progresses and the instrumental grows,  she becomes more confident in herself, concluding:  “Now I’m just thankful that I never even tried to stay.” 

It’s rare to find breakup songs that sound warm and enlightening, and that’s exactly what Tan achieves with his charismatic music production. He brings buoyancy to the concept with his light snare rhythm and simple piano-synth track. Along with Lesha’s  seductive vocals, the uplifting rave tune balances out  its heart wrenching message. 

“Meet Me at Sunrise” successfully conveys that feeling of post-separation consolation. Whether or not you've experienced that feeling, the song’s overall hopeful energy will have you rooting for anyone going through that similar situation.  

It’s safe to say that Arthur Tan and Lesha will bring their own novelty to the table in this instant DJ classic; a sure bet to get everyone (including those with broken hearts) back up on their feet. 

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“Meet Me At Sunrise” will be available for streaming  on November 25, 2022, on Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, and Amazon Music.

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To welcome Virgo season, LESHA releases her latest album, 3RD EYE with Careless Music. She's teased us with a couple tracks, "3:33" and "Demons" off the album to give a taste on what to expect in her newest project. A year in the making, the artist has come a long way from making music from her bedroom to having it available for the whole world. Stream the album now!

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Fans can expect to her more of her mystical, dark-pop music that talks about both personal observed experiences. She's all about astrological signs and making music her way. LESHA is the kind of musician who has a goal of creating music that not only her fans can enjoy, but something she's also proud of. Check out the playlist below and start listening!

Twin Flames
Hate Me
This Is Your Game
3rd Eye

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The Careless Music artist, LESHA releases "Demons" and it's been a long time coming. She's been working on producing this track since 18-years old with so many variations of it until she found the right one. LESHA produced and wrote this track herself and is one of the few tracks on her album that she's built together from scratch. Check out the single now!

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The inspiration for "Demons" initially came from a rough point in her life when she was being bullied in high school and college. Then last year, she re-analyzed the lyrics and the make up of the song to match her style now. She rewrote the song, but kept the essence of it to represent that experience from the past. LESHA shared that giving into your inner demons can really change a person and people can only see a false reflection of yourself only if you allow it to happen.

If you're excited for "Demons" there's more in store as LESHA looks to release her album this August!

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It's singer-songwriter LESHA's time to reign in the music video for her most recent single "3:33." The track which released under her new partnership with Careless Music released back in April is the artist's debut sound with the label. The eclectic, synth vibe of the track shows off her versatile musicality and powerful arrangement.

The official music video matches Lesha's powerful anthem about her ability to predict and control her destiny. “You shut me up but now it’s my time to reign.” The maze portrayed in the video shows how Lesha navigates through the unknown as she sings about taking her power back and ruling the world. Check it all out below!

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The singer-songwriter and producer, Lesha joins the Careless Music roster making her one of their newest signees. Her music influenced by electronic pop, hip-hop, alternative, and more is sure to expand the sound of Careless Music while also fitting right in. To coincide with the huge announcement, Lesha along with the label didn't waste time with releasing her debut track, "3:33"

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"3:33" has a pop-rock and alternative vibe that matches her style of experimenting with different beats and vocal arrangements for an original sound. Check out the "3:33" now available on all streaming platforms.

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The Manila based artist, Lesha started out independently releasing her own music that gained popularity on Youtube. She's also won talent competitions locally and internationally which led to her debut EP in 2018 called, Two Faced. Following the release of her EP, Lesha teamed up with Australian rapper/producer riddo for the track, "Burry" which charted #1 on Spotify's OPM Rising Playlist. Lesha is on her way to taking on the globally stage while performing at festivals in the Philippines to collaborating with top brands like GUESS, 88Rising, and more.

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NYC-based DJ and Producer Arthur Tan collabs with Filipino singer-songwriter and fellow producer Lesha for a dance track, I Need U. Known for his dreamy dance music, Arthur Tan is from the Philippines and member of the Manila-based music collective Logiclub. He's made a name for himself in the underground local and international music scene.

Together, they blended their unique styles to create a dance track exploring the humanly relatable emotion of needing someone.


While Lesha is based in Manila, her genre is a mix of styles with influences from electronic pop, hip-hop, alternative, jazz, trap, and EDM. Being a producer, Lesha has the ability to experiment with different beats and incorporate vocal chops to create that unique original sound. Starting as an independent artist, Lesha's reach grew on Youtube. Since then, she has been on Spotify's OPM Rising Playlist and performed with various artists and music festivals. Following her success, she's also collaborated with GUESS x 88Rising.

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Manila artist Lesha joins Heavy Rotation this week and we catch up with her, how she's been since the typhoons, and her latest track Sad Songs. ICYMI here's the complete interview:

Luckily during the typhoon, Lesha says that her area wasn't as affected like her friends who experienced flooding. "I'm praying for them and everyone who's capable of donating to donate to the drives and help these people out because they really need it."

We switch gears and dive into her new song, Sad Songs which is about a personal struggle she experienced. Going through negativity and noise, she needed an outlet. "I wrote this in a point of view as if I was talking to my anxiety." Lesha wants her music to resonate with people going through any situation. Sad Songs is part of her upcoming EP releasing next year with another single releasing next month. The EP features more upbeat songs that matches her bubbly personality with a dark visual twist.

Catch the music video for Sad Songs below:

Alicia Litonjua, aka Lesha, is a Filipino singer-songwriter, record producer, and YouTuber based in Manila. After gaining popularity on YouTube, she started releasing her own music independently. Lesha won competitions locally and internationally, she released her debut EP “Two Faced” in 2018. The single, “Bury” with Australian rapper/producer Riddo, gained over half a million streams online and charted #1 on Spotify's OPM Rising Playlist.

Lesha is so excited to have "Sad Songs" available for everyone to hear! This is what she said on her Instagram:

"i love you all so much ?? thank you for believing in me and my music, i’m beyond grateful for this amazing team!!!!
To my @litfam_ofc admins and all those streaming “sad songs”, thank you! You guys are the best ?? we made it to NMF Spotify Playlists in 8 countries!"

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