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With fall already here, we're missing the summer vibes. Over the summer, a bunch of Star Magic artists came over to the U.S. for the 30th anniversary show, Beyond the Stars and although we got a lot of behind-the-scenes content, but the artists also took their own. We see Donny Pangilinan enjoy some free time golfing in San Francisco, Maris Racal enjoy halo-halo in Queens, and Alexa Ilacad watch Moulin Rouge on Broadway!

It looks like they all had a blast with each other and just enjoy the time to hang out outside of work. Who said you couldn't work hard and play even harder. The Star Magic crew not only put smiles on the many Filipinos who watched the show, but also experienced what it was like to be a Filipino abroad even just for a little bit.

Check out what they all got up to and let us know if you'd visited these places!

Cover Photo Credit: Alexa Ilacad Instagram

We are now 32 episodes in for the romantic-comedy series "How to Move On in 30 Days." As we continue to dive deeper into ABS-CBN's first YouTube exclusive daily series, we can't miss this music that helps tell the stories and helps bring your favorite scenes to life. Check out Jeremy G and Angela Ken spreading the love through song in this performance video for "Your Everything."

If you need to catch up on the show check out this convenient playlist below. Enjoy!


Maris Racal attempts to mend a broken heart with the help of an online app and her fake boyfriend Carlo Aquino in the romantic-comedy series, “How to Move On in 30 Days.” The series revolves around the story of Jen (Maris), a vlogger in her 20s who suddenly gets dumped by her long-time boyfriend Jake (Albie Casiño). As Jen struggles to cope with the break-up and gets drunk, she goes viral as the "The Winarak Girl." She's determined to change her image and move on by downloading the 'break app' - a navigation app that will give her a step-by-step guide and useful tips that will help her move on within 30 days. Watch it all unfold daily and see if Jen can move on and find a better match.

Actress Maris Racal is looking to mend a broken heart in a new digital series as Jen on How to Move On in 30 Days. The Youtube series follows Jen, a vlogger in her 20s who finds herself single again after breaking up with her longtime boyfriend, Jake played by Albie Casiño. Jen signs up for a the 'break app' to help her move on within 30 days, but don't we wish it could be that easy to get over someone. This is ABS-CBN’s first YouTube exclusive daily series, which will stream on the video streaming platform Monday through Friday starting April 4. 

Things get complicated as Jen still has to work for Jake and his new girlfriend, Anastacia (Sachnza Laparan) as their handler while they travel for their vlogs. Struggling to cope with the break-up, she goes viral after a drunk and chaotic night out, giving her the name "The Winarak Girl." To get over her new nickname and ex-boyfriend, Jen takes tips from the 'break app' and find herself a new fake-surfer-boyfriend named Franco (Carlo Aquino).

She hires Franco as her new friend who also happens to be a professional boyfriend-for-hire to mend her broken heart. With this unlikely pair, will she catch feelings for her fake beau? Can Jen finally move on from her previous relationship? How to Move On in 30 Days is directed by Benedict Mique and Roderick Lindayag. The series also stars John Lapus, John Arcilla, Sherry Lara, Phoemela Baranda, Poppert Bernadas, Hanie Jarrar, Elyson De Dios, Rans Rifol, and James Bello.

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Maris Racal attempts to mend a broken heart with the help of an online app and her fake boyfriend Carlo Aquino in the romantic-comedy series, “How to Move On in 30 Days.” This is ABS-CBN’s first YouTube exclusive daily series, which will stream on the video streaming platform this April 4. 

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1. MYX MUSIC: Choose Maris Racal's New Hit - Maris Racal is back with her new track "Pumila Ka" featuring singer-songwriter and rapper raven, with production by Rico Blanco.

2. MYX MUSIC: Chronicles of Cordae, H.E.R, Lol Dork - Cordae's warm R&B track, "Chronicles" featuring H.E.R and Lil Durk is now available on streaming platforms!

3. MYX CULTURE: Representation Matters on "Craig of The Creek" - Filipino representation on mainstream entertainment and media has stuck again on Cartoon Network's "Craig of the Creek" with Fil-Am girl Eileen and her Lola.

4. MYX MUSIC: SB19 Breaks Billboard Record - SB19 continues to break barriers and make noise for P-pop and Filipinos by hitting the top spot of "Hot Trending Songs" for the seventh week! The latest chart debuted in October 2021 with BTS' "Butter".

5. MYX SPORTS: And New! Magsayo Wins World Title - The Pride of Bohol Mark Magsayo is the latest Filipino fighter that captures a world title!

Fashion, visuals, choreography, and a bop! Maris Racal is back with the new track Pumila Ka featuring singer, songwriter, and rapper Raven. Pumila Ka asserts the internet-breaking star’s knack for capturing the zeitgeist and shaking up outdated conventions in mainstream music.

On Pumila Ka, Maris claps back at those who use their privilege and entitlement for all the wrong reasons. The empowering tune emphasizes that people need to be more aware and considerate of those around them and that it's okay to aim high as long as you won't be hurting or doing anyone wrong in the process.

The unapologetic bop is written by Maris herself and singer-songwriter/rapper raven, with production by Rico Blanco. According to Raven, who happens to contribute a verse on the multihyphenate star’s 2022 single, working with Maris was a fun and exciting experience.

“I used to watch her in PBB, and I’m glad that I got to collaborate with someone as talented as Maris. The verse that I’ve written for her was based on a true story.”

Pumila Ka marks Maris Racal’s first release of 2022, and continues the journey of her previous singles “Ate Sandali” and “Asa Naman.” Both tracks earned positive feedback from music critics and fans for steering pop music forward with exciting new ideas. You can now stream Pumila Ka on all major streaming platforms.

Maris Racal is back after her smash hit "Ate Sandali," which has amassed over 32 million views on Tik Tok and nearly 100,000 video uploads from users from all walks of life. Her latest single, Bisaya-Tagalog Anthem "Asa Naman," was produced and co-written by Rico Blanco. The song delivers a pop/rock feel different from her last single, which was more of an electro-pop vibe, but it continues to provide those ultra-catchy hooks that draw listeners in. It is also a homage to Racal's Bisaya roots, as she is a proud Tagum City native.

Alongside the single release, a scenic, playful, and colorful visual for "Asa Naman" also dropped. However, more impressive than the beautiful cinematography in the music video is that the video was shot and produced by Rico Blanco and Maris themselves. Due to restrictions brought about by the pandemic, Maris wasn't just a star in her video but also did her own makeup, styling, and production design. At the same time, Rico took the lead on the shooting, lighting, and editing.

This is a track that will definitely have fans singing along to its stadium-sized chorus and infectious melodies. Maris continues to showcase her versatility as an artist, and we can't wait to see where the road continues to take her creatively.

About Maris Racal:

Maris Racal is a Filipina actress and singer-songwriter. She grew up in a musically inclined family and learned to sing and play instruments at a young age. Since she signed with record label Balcony Entertainment, Maris has been releasing multiple tracks but emerged as a full-blown power-pop icon with her track “Ate Sandali”.

Cover Photo courtesy of Balcony Entertainment

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