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The NBC sitcom series, Mr. Mayor is in its second season and there's a big Filipino representation in the most recent episode, "Sister Cities." From the creators of Tina Fey and Robert Carlock, the series follows fictional Los Angeles Mayor Neil Bremer played by Ted Danson. Fil-Am actor Mike Cabellon is a series regular who plays Chief Strategist, Tommy Tomas.

This week, Mike Cabellon is joined by 2 more Filipino actors, Bernadette Balagtas Batts and Marie France Arcilla who we see throughout the episode in guest roles. Not only were there 3 Filipino actors on set, the episode was also spearheaded by Filipina director Heather Jack.

Here's the episode's synopsis: Neil can't wait to show off his deal-making skills with the visiting mayors of L.A.'s sister cities, but chaos ensues when he mistakes a group of film extras for the real mayors.

Check out the behind the scenes of this fun episode.

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Bernadette hangs out with Ted Danson and cast in between filming.

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Director Heather Jack shares it was an insane experience directing a primetime series alongside Fil-Am talents.

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Cover Photo Credit: Mike Cabellon Instagram

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