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Basically, cuffin' season here and Anderson .Paak knows how to bring the vibes with a "Where I Go" remix. The re-imagination of the 2020 Nxworries' track and features a more groovy vibe featuring H.E.R. The track explores the idea of a relationship slowly fading away. It's definitely a late-night cruising track that you'll have turning up to this season.

The music video features follows H.E.R. and Anderson .Paak in character and what happens when you don't know where your partner has been. Check out the slow jam that you'll have on repeat.

Cover Photo Credit: Nxworries Youtube

Need a midweek pick me up, the recently new collaboration between Darren Espanto and AC Bonifacio is sure to give you the energy. The pop track has the catchy lyrics and beat that will get you dancing along with "First Day Vibes." Incorporating the vibes from Lyric and the Beat, catch the two show off their talents during class with help from their friends.

So time to put your hands up in the hair and jam along with Darren and AC!

Cover Photo Credit: Darren Espanto Instagram

The electro-pop singer-songwriter, Zion Aguirre is back with a new track with Tarsier Records, "in another life" to follow up his previous release, "Ikaw at Ako (Hanggang Dulo)" which was part of the He’s Into Her Season 2 official soundtrack. With musical inspirations from Coldplay, Adele, Lauv, and Sigrid, he loves writing songs that are from personal experiences, and stories often told by people close to him. "in another life" is a deeply emotional ballad that tackles themes of love and loss where one expresses their genuine feelings for another.

The track signifies Zion’s step into freeing himself - his genuine, authentic and genderless self - as he turns a new leaf and steps into a bolder chapter. He shares," 'in another life' is a song about people whose chances of seeing each other and chances for communication are both seemingly impossible, hence just wishing they’d meet “in another life.” It’s a track that’s intimate, genuine and true. Through this track, I could let go and express what I truly feel and take a step into a bolder, fiercer chapter of my life where I am no longer bound by emotion and thoughts that weigh me down."

Zion has independently released singles titled “Paradise”, “Sunshine”, and “Yakap”. As a social media personality with over 1M followers across different platforms like Facebook, Tiktok and YouTube. Upon joining Tarsier Records, Zion released “Promise” produced by Tarsier’s mainstay producer, Subzylla, who adds a cinematic vow to the song, and “Fallin’” in collaboration with his fellow Tarsier artist, Dave Anonuevo. “Fallin’” has gained over 1.8M plays on TikTok, while it’s official music video has over 40k views.

Cover Photo Credit: Tarsier Records Instagram

The EGOT artist, John Legend takes the meaning of "blind auditions" to another level. In his latest music video for the track, "All She Wanna Do" is a fun, upbeat track that will make you get up and dance. He also collaborates with Saweetie for the track bringing out the spice to the second verse and chorus. The song and the video brought smiles not only to the surprised dancers and artists, but it is sure to also bring good vibes to listeners as well.

If you're first listening to the track, it starts off in the John Legend ballad-type sound and leave you wondering how Saweetie is coming into the track. As the song picks up, the two styles blend so nicely for a pop-dance song. Check out the colorful video that's sure to leave you in a happier mood.

Cover Photo Credit: Saweetie Instagram

Being away from loved ones is always difficult and Alamat portrays the journey in their latest music video for their song, "ILY ILY." According to the group, the song is “an update of a Hiligaynon folk lullaby.” It features another talented artist, Lyca Gairanod in which she sings the chorus in Tagalog, as the members of the boy band deliver their rap verses in Bisaya, Bicolano, Waray, Ilocano and Kapampangan.

The music video portrays the ways we miss family from parents who work overseas or long hours which results in not seeing them too often in hopes of bringing a better life for everyone. The sacrifices in the present goes all towards a better future. Check out the visual behind this folk-lullaby inspired track.

Cover Photo Credit: Alamat Instagram

Thuy’s latest release narrates the painful and unfortunate side of womanhood that some experience. “Playing Tricks” comes with an accompanying music video that tells the story of a young mother-to-be who unexpectedly loses her child. Thuy shared her sentiments on the song’s themes in a statement: “Sometimes, your mind can play tricks on your heart and get in the way of something special, but this song is a reminder to believe in love and what’s real.”

The track’s YouTube page also shares a powerful message: ““playing tricks” highlights the story of a young woman and her journey as an expecting mother. touching on relationships, womanhood, and family, the short film shines a light on the painful journey a young couple must work through all while displaying the strength of women within the family dynamic.

Watch the short film/music video below.

Each music video Bella Poarch releases just gets better and better. The social media sensation and artist is back with another video for her track, "Dolls." Inspired by her hit, "Build a B*tch," but with a little more chaos which can be seen with the insanely theatrical video. Bella shares with the meaning behind the track, “It’s about taking back power and the satisfaction of being able to fight back.” Catch her and her metal arm standing up to the status quo and not letting herself be treated as anyone's doll.

In good Bella fashion, she always has a few guests showing up in her videos as Easter eggs. This time catch Bretman Rock, Madison Beer, and Euphoria's Chloe Cherry. Then the climax of the video comes when she has a fight combat scene with Grimes! The two go head-to-head until Grime's character realizes she's treated as a puppet in this "perfect" reality. What happens after this realization is unclear, but one thing's for sure is that the two ladies now know the truth. See how "Dolls" all unfolds and catch the music video below!

Cover Photo Credit: Bella Poarch Instagram

Straight off the He's Into Her Season 2 Official Soundtrack, Vivoree and Tarsier Records artist, Jon Guelas team up for a ballad, "Did I Let You Go" that gets you in your feels. The hugot is real in this re-imagined track with lyrics that talk about letting someone go to easy and missing out on finding the one.

Vivoree and Jon's voice mesh so well together and is a perfect fit for Season 2 with how the storyline between Max and Deib is playing out. The music video touches on flashbacks of the blossoming relationship and the happy memories between the artists as each other's love interest. See how the story plays out below!

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Cover Photo Credit: Star Music PH Twitter

To gear up for this week's episode of He's Into Her Season 2, catch the new music video for the song "Closer" with Belle Mariano and Donny Pangilinan. The video focuses on the Max and Deib's second month anniversary and how the couple are going to celebrate. They don't see eye-to-eye on how to celebrate, but the pull to be close to each other brings them back together.

The catchy track is performed by Belle and is the perfect summer pop track. It talks about that young love and finding how special that kind of relationship is. Belle's performance is fresh and brings on the kilig that's sure to get you in the summer vibe. Catch the extended music video below!

Cover Photo Credit: Star Music PH

It's singer-songwriter LESHA's time to reign in the music video for her most recent single "3:33." The track which released under her new partnership with Careless Music released back in April is the artist's debut sound with the label. The eclectic, synth vibe of the track shows off her versatile musicality and powerful arrangement.

The official music video matches Lesha's powerful anthem about her ability to predict and control her destiny. “You shut me up but now it’s my time to reign.” The maze portrayed in the video shows how Lesha navigates through the unknown as she sings about taking her power back and ruling the world. Check it all out below!

Cover Photo Credit: LESHA Instagram

Singer-songwriter Adie released the track "Tahanan" last December where he wanted listeners to feel something with his music. The song inspired by the film, My Amanda and how his family will always be his home. Adie recently debuted the music video for the track which features Andrea Brillantes. The short film takes a look at the "honeymoon phase" between a young couple.

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Adie describes it as, "realizing the feeling of comfort found within the emotions entrenched in being attached to someone." The songwriting process came in waves with writing the chorus after seeing My Amanda. After the initial push for inspiration, he had to imagine the emotion connection with a person which allowed him to finish the song in a day.

The video shows a love story unfolding and viewers catch a glimpse of the relationship growing from the cute dates to the quiet moments. Tahanan meaning "home" represents how people can feel and become your home. A safe space for someone to be themselves.

Watch the music video below and listen on all streaming platforms!

Cover Photo Credit: O/C Records Instagram

BGYO continues to heighten P-pop music in their own way. After providing the hit theme song to the first season of He's Into Her, the P-pop group is back with a new song for season 2. "Best Time" is a pop-dance tune that's sure to be on repeat and now available on all streaming platforms. The track about making the most of your time with those you love was written and composed by Jonathan Manalo and Gabriel Tagadtad.

The music video released on 4/22 just in time for the He's Into Her Season 2 premiere which shows the group getting into good trouble and having the best time on school campus. Watch the new season on iWantTFC and catch the music video below!

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