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While February may be associated with Valentine's Day and love, the Nameless Kids touched base on the subject of letting go while still having feelings for someone on their song. "Still So In Love" stays true to its title, serving as a soundtrack for those who are experiencing things not working out with something they care about. The collective's lead vocalist Nhiko Sabiniano composed the track and drew inspiration from one of his journal entries. “It’s about letting someone go habang love mo pa siya to give each other a chance in the future of getting back together para hindi ka nafa-fall out of love,” Nhiko explained.

“Journal entry lang siya of something I was going through. When we were together in the studio as a band, we decided to make it a Nameless Kids track. After I wrote it, everyone tried to put their own taste and emotion into the song,” he added. The group followed suit and produced a song that will definitely get you in your feels. Check out the lyric video for "Still So In Love" below!

Nameless Kids just dropped their debut album "Manila In Bloom" and the project is an ode to experience life in Manila. The band uses their indie-pop and alternative fused sound to tell stories of love, pain, peace, and happiness on the nine-track offering.

“The theme of Manila came about as a homage to what we were told growing up, the constant stories of how beautiful Manila was back in the day, so this album is our interpretation of how it feels to be in love, get hurt, find peace, and plainly be happy in Manila,” the band explained in a press statement.

Nameless Kids is a five-piece band formed in 2019 consisting of Nhiko, Kyle Perry, Tati De Mesa, Kim Allen, and Imay Alconaba. Within their debut year, they were hailed as Best Performance of a New Group Recording Artist at the 34th Awit Awards. They were also featured in Nylon’s Big, Bold, Brave Awards and MYX Music Awards which was headlined by LANY.

You can stream the Nameless Kids album "Manila In Bloom" here.

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"Hotel Runs" - Nameless Kids

Cover Photo Credit: Moira Instagram

The alternative band Nameless Kids' returns with a brand track with “Hotel Runs.” The pop song that talks about an ex that you couldn’t seem to resist, and always end up in a complicated situation with.

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It takes inspiration from The 1975 and flor and showcases a darker side of Nameless Kids, adding a little bit of 80’s grunge to the sound with live drums, guitar solos, synths and more rhythmic and percussive vocal melodies. 

Starting this song was one of those “I need to write” moments that turned out to be something that the whole band could work on and finish. The song shows a darker version of Nameless Kids, because we’re ready to start our next chapter.



Nameless Kids is Indie/Pop/Alternative band that likes to write about experiences that have happened, are happening, and are bound to happen. There are no walls for the music that they make, having multiple people that write in the group gives them a broader sense of relatability since their songs are like a collective of all of their emotions - may they be negative or positive. Their debut single, “Outlaws” was awarded Best Performance of a New Group Recording Artist at the 34th Awit Awards, and they were a part of the Nylon Big, Bold, Brave Awards, as well as the MYX Music Awards 2021 that was headlined by LANY. This year, they’ve been able to play MYX Live and Araneta Coliseum following the feature of their songs in the official soundtrack of the hit TV series “He’s Into Her.” They are set to perform during the Awit Awards 2022 Nominee Fest this Sep 23 and have a couple of gigs lined up.

Cover Photo Credit: Tarsier Records Instagram

There's so much to look forward to in the next set of episodes of He's Into Her with finding out how the cliffhanger in Season 1 affects the lives of the students at Benison International School, but also we get new music. As more news ramps up for Season 2 of He's Into Her, everyone is getting a sneak peek to the new music ready for the upcoming season. In this new audio sampler, get a glimpse of some of the artists and songs featured throughout Season 2. The teaser shows snippets of Namesless Kids, Trisha Denise, Jon Guelas, and BGYO.

BGYO who did the theme song for the series is back with a new track, "Best Time." Also added to the line up are Nameless Kids with 4 tracks, "Outlaws," "Faded," "Midsummer High," "Til Love Means Love." Trisha Denise sings ballad, "Puwede Ba" while Jon Guelas remakes "Did I Let You Go" for a version specifically for the series. Look out for more artists and music as this is only Part 1 of the audio sampler set to release. Have any guesses on who else will be adding to the season's soundtrack, will we get a DonBelle duet? We'll just have to wait and see.

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Get to know 5 individuals who all have the same passion for music. The group Nameless Kids consists of Kyle Kim, Tati, Imay, and Nhiko and get to know a little bit about them in this artist spotlight!

Nameless Kids initially started with 3 members then growing to 5.
Each member brings a different set of skills and perspective to the band. Together they look to create music that has influenced them throughout their lives. Their name came about from a late night coffee fix where they were trying to come up with a name. Someone suggested to go nameless and the rest is history.

One of the coolest indie bands is a fresh find to your playlist.
The band made it to an online streaming platform's most prominent playlist, Fresh Finds Philippines. Their debut single, "Outlaws" has more than 100k streams online and growing. In addition to a growing fanbase, they headlined a successful episode of the popular digital concert series, The Music Room.

The group has collaborated with acclaimed songwriter, Jonathan Manalo.
Nameless Kids worked with songwriter Jonathan Manalo on a couple of occasions. First, on their track "Outlaws" and then for the Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition's anthem, "Kabataang Pinoy!"

Cover Photo Credit: Nameless Kids Facebook

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