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Saweetie has been on the go this whole year. From her McDonald's collaboration to stunting at the Met Gala and rocking the iHeart Radio Festival, the Saweetie success train does not seem to be slowing down anytime soon. With that said, Netflix just announced that Saweetie will be hosting Sex: Unzipped, a comedy special centering on sex positivity with experts and comedians debunking a variety of myths and misconceptions.

The news was first reported by Vulture who shared that the comedians featured in the special will play the role of "Talking Heads." The cast includes Dominique Jackson (she/her), Ian Karmel (he/him), Joel Kim Booster (he/him), Katherine Ryan (she/her), London Hughes (she/her), Mae Martin (they/them), Michelle Buteau (she/her), Nikki Glaser (she/her), Romesh Ranganathan (he/him), Sam Jay (she/her), and Trixie Mattel (she/her).

The special is written by Erika Ehler, Steve Parry, and Nico Tatarowicz. Saweetie is also serving as a producer with Saima Ferdows, Neil Kirby, Theresa Marth, and Matt White.

Cover Photo Courtesy of Saweetie Instagram

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