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Zild is back with another emo-influenced aesthetic release! The IV of Spades frontman's new song “Duwag” is inspired by “torpe” — the Filipino term for someone who is desperately in love with someone else, but can’t admit their feelings for him/her. The singer first thought of this idea when ordering sour cream and cheese-flavored french fries, while waiting for his cat at the veterinarian’s clinic.

“Duwag” also comes with an accompanying music video. The moody visuals feature Wong Kar Wai-esque color grading and shows Zild singing the track on a traveling taxi as miscellaneous characters take turns to share the ride, including a burly man with tattoos, a clown, and a pair of middle-aged women – one of whom was played by the artist’s own mother. Watch the clip below!

Markus is back with an emotional new single dedicated to his one year old son with Janella Salvador, Jude. While the “For J” song title may mislead some, the music video’s end credits confirm the track’s true inspiration. The music video features the singer/actor performing his emotional lyrics in an empty field with parenting and family-centric cut scenes in between.

Like his last release “Hotel Room,” “For J” also showcases production from Moophs and is released by Tarsier Records. Watch the music video below!

Shanti Dope is back with a new song! “Tricks” is an R&B crossover track that features the lyricist singing an English hook with autotune for the first time ever. Additionally, the track’s rap verses showcase Shanti’s signature storytelling prowess and wordplay.

The song’s standout line is “Parang si Rihanna, babae pero hustla//Ayaw mo sa drama, gusto mo sa gangsta” which translates to “She’s like Rihanna, a woman, but a hustler// You don’t like drama, you like a gangsta.” “Tricks” is about someone in need of both a mental and physical connection with someone else. Check out the lyric video below!

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