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If you think you've heard SB19 do it all, wait until you catch The Forte: A Pop Orchestra Concert as they'll be going classical. The group will be performing with an orchestra for the first time. We've heard them perform songs acoustically (and it's amazing!), but nothing beats hearing renditions with a full orchestra band. Can you imagine what it'll sound like, one word: angelic and you wouldn't want to miss it!

The Forte: A Pop Orchestra Concert also features the Battig Chamber Orchestra with girl group 4th Impact, Nicole Pugeda, Isaac Iglesias, and the SSC Chamber Choir. If you haven't heard about 4th Impact yet, originally from Santiago City, Isabela, they competed on UK's The X Factor and finished in fifth place. So we're hoping to see a collab between SB19 and 4th Impact in the show!

There will be two shows available to stream worldwide on October 21st with the first show set for 11AM PHT and the second show begins at 8PM PHT. All proceeds made from the event will benefit Sr. Baptista Battig Music Foundation, Inc. Grab your tickets now at and

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Cover Photo Credit: SB19 Official Twitter

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