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Fresh off the success of viral hit “Unang Sayaw,” Filipino pop-rock outfit NOBITA continues to smash out of the gate with another song with commercial potential. Their new single “Paruparo Na Walang Hanggan” plays on the band’s musical strengths,
blending deeply personal lyrics with soulful, harmony-laden arrangements. Like their previous releases, NOBITA’s latest song hits home with vulnerability that people can relate to.

“Paruparo Na Walang Hanggan is a song for someone who continues to believe in love, no matter the struggles they may have experienced in the past,” the chart-topping band shares in a statement. “The main hook and most of the melodic lines just came out spontaneously during one of our rehearsals for an event. It felt like we just vomited it subconsciously.” While it’s a love song to the core, “Paruparo Na Walang Hanggan” embraces a more intricate sonic direction, going as far as adding layers of choir-like elements, sparse keyboard textures, and bluesy chords to create something slightly out of the ordinary. Isagani Palabyab, their constant collaborator, co-produced the track and helped redefine its kundiman sensibilities with
a modern flair.

NOBITA adds, “We take pride in making songs that the audience can feel what we feel and remember easily the melody and lyrics of the song when they first hear it. We’re grateful to Isagani for encapsulating this vision into something memorable and subtle, and still giving off that familiar sound of ours.”

The song will be included in the setlist for their upcoming 6-city tour in the US, which kicks off in Las Vegas, Nevada on August 11 and wraps up in Fairfax, Virginia on August 26. Tickets are available at

For more information about the tour, check out the details below:
August 11: Las Vegas, NV (The Usual Place)
August 12: Los Angeles, CA (The Vermont Hollywood)
August 18: Seattle, WA (Substation Seattle)
August 19: San Francisco, CA (The Historic Bal Theater)
August 25: New York, NY (Sounds of Brazil)
August 26: Fairfax, VA (Jammin Java)

NOBITA’s “ Paruparo Na Walang Hanggan ” is out now on all digital music platforms worldwide via Sony Music Entertainment.

Breakthrough band NOBITA is back with a new song! Their latest release “Paano Uusad” aims to turn feelings of grief and loss into a relatable record for their fans.  The group’s new single hopes to be a method of healing as the track captures someone’s inability to move on after witnessing the tragic demise of a loved one.

According to the band, the song was inspired by an OPM icon who took away his life due to depression. “It’s all about the people who keep wondering why they were left behind by someone dear to them.” NOBITA adds, “Jae got enticed to write a song while watching the livestream of the late icon’s wife, struggling to put into words how it feels to cope with the loss of a special someone.”

Listen to the song below!

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