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BINI just dropped their first ever EP! The P-Pop artists released "Talaarawan" — a six track EP that features two previously released songs ("Karera” and “Pantropiko") and four new songs. BINI member Sheena explained the background behind the diary-inspired project in a press conference: “Talaarawan means diary in English, and just like your diary, you write down your feelings, kung anong nangyari sa araw mo (what happens during your day), yung iba’t ibang emotions in one day (your different emotions in one day), and your diary [eventually] becomes your best friend. Just like with our EP, it’s a rollercoaster ride of emotions with our six songs and we want our blooms to feel that we are their best friends din.”

Check out BINI's new EP 'Talaarawan' below!

KAIA’s newest single and music video will definitely make you “Turn Up” the volume! The P-Pop collective’s new song “Turn Up” is inspired sonically by early 2010’s dance-pop, while staying true to the Filipina girl group’s sassy identity.

“Because it’s upbeat and danceable, we thought a party concept will best for it, so people could have fun whenever they hear Turn Up,” KAIA shares in a collaborative statement. “We want our listeners to feel good as they vibe with the song.”

According to the five-member collective, “Turn Up” is an escapist anthem about setting one’s worries aside for the time being and taking pleasure in moments that call for fun and adventure.

“We got so busy stressing out about things that we couldn’t control,” says the “Dalawa” artists. “This song somehow encourages listeners to break away from the mold, live in the moment, and let their body groove into the music. Sometimes all you need is to disconnect from the outside world and be yourself.”

“Turn Up” will be included in KAIA’s debut EP under Sony Music Entertainment coming soon. Watch the music video below!

FELIP is the latest Filipino Artist to perform for The Recording Academy's digital show "Global Spin." Earlier this year, Filipino American Singer/Songwriter Francisco Martin performed his track Kissing on a Balcony. For this performance, FELIP takes us to Teatrillo in Intramuros. FELIP turns a ballroom into a stage for what The Recording Academy deemed an "Awe-inspiring" performance of his latest track, Bulan.

Check out the performance below:

Global Spin is a performance series from the Recording Academy/GRAMMY's spotlighting artists worldwide. Each episode of Global Spin features a performance from a notable artist or group and celebrates both the creators and their home countries. Episodes are released bi-weekly on Tuesdays on their official social platforms.

Cover Photo Courtesy of the Recording Academy YouTube Channel

VXON is back with a new single and it’s the anthem for one of the hottest Filipino shows in 2022! “Reach The Top” is the third single from the newly formed P-Pop group and serves as the theme song for Top Class: Rise To P-Pop Stardom. The inspirational record is a Taglish banger that delivers a powerful message to listeners to chase their dreams. Check out the song below.

Top Class: Rise To P-Pop Stardom, which is hosted by Catriona Gray and features mentors such as KZ Tandingan, Brian Puspos, and Shanti Dope is the newest talent search survival show that aims to form the next male Pinoy pop band. You can catch the show on MYX worldwide everywhere except the Philippines. Check out the official schedule below. 

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The song that keeps on giving! Alamat shares their latest version of their track Sa Panaginip Na Lang with the midnight version. Along with the drop of this version comes a Lyric Visualizer that showcases behind-the-scenes of their music video and past stage performances.

As mentioned the track is about living in a dream versus living in reality without "The One." Their dream-like vibes and vocals on the track area really played out well in all the versions and in this visualizer as well. The group also released an acoustic performance the other week that you should definitely check out.

This week the group also made some major announcements on Facebook that their first mini-album will be out this year! Stay tuned to MYX for more information as that news continues to break.

Coner Photo Courtesy of Alamat's Facebook

KAIA is taking us back to their pre-debut with a new version for us to appreciate. The P-Pop girl group released an acoustic performance for their pre-debut single "KAYA." The performance video showcases a more stripped-down version of the track, with each member contributing to the sound of the acoustic performance.

From Guitars to a Cajon and shaker, the ladies of KAIA are showcasing their talents beyond vocals and dancing, and it's awesome to see. Even by taking out the full production of the track and going acoustic, the "KAYA" performance was still hyped and energetic, just with a different vibe. Check out the performance video below and see for yourself.

Cover Photo Courtesy of KAIA Facebook

If you thought FELIP's latest music video for his second solo trackBulan was visually striking, get ready to be blown away by the intricacies of the actual choreography. FELIP just released a dance practice video that showcases the choreography at its core. We can see what looks like Krumping style influences in the choreography that gives it the powerful hits and emotion to help drive the beats and lyrics of the track.

Stripped-down visuals of the rehearsals are always interesting because you can get the full view of the performance without obstructing cuts or edits. This will most likely mimic what a live on-stage performance of Bulan might look like. Until that day comes (and we hope that will be sooner than later), check out the practice video below.

Also, stay tuned for FELIP's MYXclusive interview with VJ Ai coming very soon!

Cover Photo Courtesy of FELIP's Twitter

BINI is on a roll! The ladies are keeping busy as their schedule continues to pile up. But of course, with all these performances and appearances, there needs to be some time for practice and rehearsals. Luckily we get a little peek into one of those rehearsals as they have just released their dance practice for their upbeat, electro-pop forward track Pit A Pat.

Check out the video and see the ladies slay their dance practice and hit all the marks. We get a good visual of the entire choreography for the track, so if anyone is out there trying to do a dance cover, this is the perfect video to watch. If you know any great dance cover videos to Pit A Pat or any BINI songs, tag @MYXGlobal on our socials so we can check them out!

Ken, aka Felip, set the internet ablaze with his first solo track Palayo in 2021. The track has garnerned over 2.5 million streams on Spotify and YouTube, respectively. The hit song garnered reactions worldwide and trended all over social. This new comeback track Bulan is poised to do the same.

? ugma ko sa Henesis itinatak-da


— FELIP (@felipsuperior) May 8, 2022

Last week Felip took to Twitter to begin to tease some concept photos for the new track but recently put out a statement that the release will be pushed back to a later date. No official date has been released, but a music video teaser has been uploaded to his YouTube channel. This 9-second clip has already caused some excitement in the comments, and fans can't wait for the drop.

Check out the teaser video below.

Cover Photo Courtesy of Felip's Instagram

Have you been wanting more KAIA content? Well, the ladies are here and ready to deliver. Their official debut single BLAH BLAH was released a few weeks back. The rising P-Pop group also hit the stage at the inaugural PPOP Convention. As we all know, there had to be some major prep to get to a performance-ready level, and that's where all the practice and rehearsal comes in.

If you loved their recent stage performances and music video, you have to check out their dance practice below. Here we can see the details in the choreography and their performance ability more up close. This version is the still camera version of their dance practice to BLAH BLAH. Also, check out the moving version on their YouTube channel alongside some additional KAIA content.

Cover Photo Courtesy of KAIA Facebook

Alamat has been keeping busy from their performances on the ASAP Stage to the inaugural P-Pop Convention. They continue this busy streak with their latest track, "Sa Panaginip Na Lang," which they debuted at P-Pop Con. "Sa Panaginip Na Lang," translated to English, is "In a Dream." This latest single brings a new sound to the group's usual hard-hitting, up-beat or smooth R&B tracks. This pop-rock ballad showcases the versatility of Alamat, and we're here for it.

The lyrics of the song talk about living in a dream versus living in reality without "The One." The group's voices come together in the chorus to form some beautiful harmonies and falsettos. The track was just digitally released, and within 24 hours, it shot to the #1 spot on iTunes Philippines.

Catch a vibe and listen to the song and watch their dreamy music video below.

Cover Photo Courtesy of Alamat Facebook

BINI is back with a summer track that will get you up and dancing with its electro-pop forward beat. "Pit a Pat" is BINI's latest project after the release of their collaboration with SB19, bringing new flavor to the PBB Teen Edition Theme Song and their first-ever official collab with sibling group BGYO on the single "UP."

The track was penned by Korean singer-songwriter Sophia Pae and composed and arranged by Rohan and Ddank. BINI also had a hand in the writing, helping bring the Filipino parts in the track to life. The single is now out and can be streamed here.

Check out their fun and colorful performance video below.

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