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Artist, songwriter, and Youtuber Jannine Weigel joins Dannieboi in this myxCLUSIVE to talk about her latest single, Passcode and her career so far. Jannine’s mixed heritage has allowed her to live in Germany, Thailand, and now she resides in Malaysia. The blending of cultures has brought her a unique perspective and influenced her as an artist. If you don’t yet know about Jannine, here are 5 highlights from the interview:

1. She started focusing on music more than 7 years ago
Jannine was born in Germany and at around 10 years old, she moved to Thailand. She got her start in the entertainment industry through acting. After moving, she tried her shot in a singing competition then got signed to her first label afterwards.

2. Jannine likes to mix up the songs she covers
After being a trainee for 6 moths, she decided to put up covers on Youtube. “I try to cover the songs that are trending then cover songs she wants to sing in between those.” Some of the challenging covers she’s done are any songs by Sia and Jessie J. We got to agree they’re one of a kind.

3. She was nervous about putting out original music
Jannine was more excited than anything to put out her own music because she “never released music so there wasn’t a standard to go off of.” She recalls it as a memorable experience because of the whole process of recording and shooting the music videos, showing her how much she’s grown.

4. Jannine has tried writing songs in different languages
Coming from a blend of cultural backgrounds, the unique perspective encourage her to write songs in Thai, German, and English. She said that “Thai is the more challenging language because it’s a tonal language, but lots of rhyming. English and German are easier in terms of freedom and melody.”

5. Passcode is her first single
We asked her about the meaning behind Passcode and she explains that it’s “about falling in love with somebody, but still feeling scared and putting a guard up because you don’t want to get hurt.” She relates it to asking someone for their passcode for their phone. Her vision for the music video was to be more aesthetic and focus on her trying to find the lead actor’s passcode. Jannine sent her team a Pinterest storyboard to get the feel she wanted for the shoot.

Jannine even shared that there’s a TikTok challenge happening called #PasscodeChallenge. There’s two versions and she loves seeing everyone’s take on it especially Darren Espanto’s version. We’ll be waiting for Dannie’s take. Look out for more of Jannine as she mentions there’s more music on the way and is currently working on her next single set to release early 2021.

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