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The P-pop group, SB19 is back on the Wish 107.5 Bus for an energy-packed vocal performance to "WYAT (Where You At)." The guys may be sitting in a bus, the vibe of the song is heard through their voices. In coordinating, athletic fashion SB19 don't miss a beat for one of their latest single.

The performance will have you grooving in your seat and just like they said in the beginning, they're back at it again!

SB19 just finished a local Philippines tour and are excited to see what the rest of the world has in store for them.

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P-Pop girl group KAIA heads in a new R&B-leaning direction with their new single "Dalawa," released under Sony Music Entertainment. Bringing in the 2000s-eque R&B melodies and wmsical beats, "Dalawa" embraces adventure with effortless vocals.

Standing out in sublime contrast with their previous releases, the five-member act’s smooth jam alludes to the idea of expressing infatuation in the most reassuring, youthful way. Written and produced by Jayson Franz, he brings a mellow and groovy style to the group's style. “Dalawa" is a song that tells a story familiar to many: catching unrequited feelings for someone close to you,” described by the pop group.

While it veers away from the upbeat, dance-pop tunes that we’ve been dishing out since our debut, this particular material sticks to our strengths as a girl group.


The group was heavily involved in the demo recording, voicing their inputs on vocal arrangements and style of the song. “I wanted a different approach for KAIA this time around, but I made sure to take into consideration their individual and collective personalities,” shares Franz. They leaned more towards the Y2K R&B trend by adding string instruments and other sonic elements to the arrangement.

There was one moment during recording that made everyone excited for the song. “One of the memorable moments during the recording of the track was the first run of every member of KAIA,” adds Franz. “It was that moment when everyone knew that the song was really made for them. Each one of them has an own personality or taste in terms of the delivery of their lines.”

Listen now on all streaming platforms!

Cover Photo Credit: Sony Music PH

The P-pop sister group to FIRST ONE Entertainment's 1ST.ONE, the label's first female group, DIONE is ready to take center stage. The ladies of DIONE: DK, Clara, Joyden, and Ella promises to set the P-pop world on fire with their captivating singing, rapping, and impeccable dancing skills starting with their newest song, "BLING BLING."

The new track is an upbeat pop banger that will have fans put it on a continuous loop. With the song's inspirational lyrics, "BLING BLING" tells listeners to pursue their dreams despite going through life's problems. Sometimes we hide behind a facade to conceal how we feel, but DIONE tells us to keep pushing.

See the group show us what they can do in the new music video. Joyden, the leader of the group shared, “The beat, the choreo, and the MV! and our hearts, we really prepared a lot for this. ” Fans have been wanting more from DIONE since their performance at the New Frontier Theater and Smart Araneta Coliseum for the 2022 P-POP CONVENTION where they nailed "BLING BLING" live on stage. P-pop fans are excited to see what else is in store for this rising girl group.

Cover Photo Credit: First One Entertainment Philippines

BGYO continues to heighten P-pop music in their own way. After providing the hit theme song to the first season of He's Into Her, the P-pop group is back with a new song for season 2. "Best Time" is a pop-dance tune that's sure to be on repeat and now available on all streaming platforms. The track about making the most of your time with those you love was written and composed by Jonathan Manalo and Gabriel Tagadtad.

The music video released on 4/22 just in time for the He's Into Her Season 2 premiere which shows the group getting into good trouble and having the best time on school campus. Watch the new season on iWantTFC and catch the music video below!

A new girl group, LITZ took big steps in their careers with releasing their first original track "Kidlat" last month. However, they're checking off another milestone. This original song comes after their debut cover of James Reid's "NATATARANTA" and now the ladies of LITZ amp up the energy with their first official music video for "Kidlat."

LITZ show off of their synchronized choreography in the video and viewers are introduced to the group's aesthetic. Each member has their own style even as the girls wear matching sets. Fans see the girls' personalities shine in the video as Bianca Santos, Yumi Garcia, Fatima Añonuevo, Ashtine Olviga and Heart Ryan Evangelista sing and dance their heart out.

Watch the "Kidlat" music video below or listen to the track that's available on all streaming platforms.

Cover Photo Credit: LITZ Twitter

The summer bangers are starting to come out with VXON releasing their latest, "P.S." The pop track hooks listeners in with its catchy chorus and rap hook, it shows off the group's versatility with this Taglish track.

VXON captures our hearts with its kilig lyrics that sends us all swooning. Plus they also released a lyric video so that we can all sing along with them. Be on the look out for a music video coming soon!

As a new Ppop group, VXON is finding their footing and their unique sound.This is their second single to release since their debut with "The Beast" earlier this year. Listen to "P.S." now available on all streaming platforms.

Cover Photo Credit: VXON Twitter

One of the newest P-pop group LITZ, who recently made their pre-Debut with their rendition of James Reid's "NATATARANTA" late last year is back with their debut single. "Kidlat" is the group's first official song that looks to shock their fans. The pop track is sure to get stuck in your head and have you singing along in no time. Check out the official lyric video below!

If you're curious to know more about the group who's ready to take the music world by storm, check out some of their vlogs from their vacation to Tagaytay to watching their Firsts with LITZ challenge. Or catch their MYXclusive here where they talk all things LITZ! We're looking forward to seeing their journey continue and hearing more music soon!

Cover Photo Credit: LITZ Official Twitter

After a three-month hiatus, P-Pop group 1ST.ONE is back. Their latest single, SHOUT OUT, is here alongside a music video that takes you back into history. Dancing on a battlefield while dressed in Combat Wear to represent valiant soldiers. The dance track is more than simply a catchy banger; it also has a more profound significance.

According to FIRST ONE ENTERTAINMENT, the song SHOUT OUT is an appropriate homage to the Filipino soldiers who fought alongside Korean soldiers during the Korean War. (1950-1953).

"Not everyone is aware, but for a brief historical background, in 1950, about 7,500 combat troops known as the Philippines expeditionary forces to Korea or PEFTOK (The4th most significant force under the United Nations command) were sent to defend South Korea from a communist invasion by North Korea.” -First One Management

Ace, the leader of 1ST.ONE said this when asked about the inspiration behind the Tagalog Lyrics of the track:

“I wrote the lyrics wanting to thank and pay a great tribute to our soldiers. I wrote the songs thinking of how our great soldiers would have felt in the heat of battle. They would have thought or how they would have felt not knowing if they would still get to see their loved ones after the war.

I wanted to write the hopes and dreams of those soldiers who never got their voices, or I think we owe a great deal of gratitude to our soldiers from past and until now. Because without them, we might not be living the lives we have now.”

The music video has now hit over the 1 million views mark only a few days after it has been released. You can now stream SHOUT OUT here.

Last week, we announced that VXON is the newest boy group from Cornerstone Entertainment and they released their debut, "The Beast." We teased their concept video and now it's finally here.

The video gives us a first glimpse of the group's aesthetic and showcases their choreography and style. It flashes between color and black and white grading to give it an artistic vibe. The high energy dance moves is also matched with their hard hitting sound. The Tagalog/English lyrics proves how versatile they can be and we're excited to see their journey. Check out how VXON channels their inner beast below!

We all know P-pop music is on the rise and we can't be more excited to see new fresh faces entering the chat. The official boy group, VXON, read as "vision," is described as a showstopper with the right vocals and moves to hype up the stage. Their motto is, "Everything starts with a vision" and they're going big with their first single, "The Beast."

The track has what all P-pop fans want, catchy lyrics, a deep beat, and an upcoming visualizer. The 5-member group that consists of Vince, Sam, Patrick, Franz, and C13 are sure to make their own wave in the industry.

Cover Photo Credit: VXON Official Twitter

Girl group, KAIA released the music video for the pre-debut single, "KAYA" late last year and now we get a peak at some of the behind the scenes. Nerves were running high, but they were pros for their very first performance video.

The ladies of KAIA know how to work hard and play hard. We catch glimpses of each members' personalities, but also see how they blend together as a unit. See how they learn the choreography and prep for their scenes. They also share how "KAYA" has been in the works for months and it all started when they started to work together.

If you haven't checked out the official video, don't worry we got you!

Cover Photo Credit: KAIA Official Twitter

We can always count on SB19 to bring joy and happiness with their music. Just one week after the release of their OST "No Stopping You" for the Manila Film Festival entry, Love at First Stream, they're back with another one.

Their latest holiday track, "Ligaya" brings us the Christmas spirit all packaged in a cute music video! The song was written by one of their own members Pablo and made its debut during the group’s third-anniversary concert in November. Take a listen and lets all get in the Christmas mood!

To add on to their generous giving this season. The boys of SB19 shared Part 1 of the SB19 Christmas special on their Youtube channel. They may be on a holiday break, but the grind doesn't stop. See what they've been up to.

New music comes after they charted at the top of Billboard's Hot Trending Songs Chart, knocking off BTS. The track on the hot list is "Bazinga" off their album, Pagsibol.

Cover Photo Credit: SB19 Twitter

It's finally here, Baby Blue's first major single, "Head Up." The track released on December 15th and marks the fourth single released by the group and their first ballad. According to their social account, the song is about "life not always being bright and happy but when you got the right people on your side everything is going to be alright."

The music video matches the tone of the song with its sweet and wistful tone. We see each of their personalities, but still how they mesh together as a collective unit.

The trio was formed in 2020 and consists of members, Jan Elaurza, Coleen Trinidad, and Amy Isidto. Make sure to catch the music video for "Head Up" and don't miss out on Baby Blue fever!

Cover Photo Credit: MNL48 Instagram

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