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Filipino singer-songwriter/producer raven recalls his fondest moments with a lover in his new single "Sunday," out today via Sony Music Entertainment.

The balmy tune captures the essence of laid-back afternoons and countryside trips in a romantic way—a charming quality that the young artist from Balcony Entertainment has cultivated in recent years.

The bedroom pop soloist dedicates the song to his girlfriend, especially the lyrics, “o kay sarap magpalipas ng oras / lalo na kapag kasama kita (trans: time is well spent / when I’m with you).”

He explains, “The track speaks about remembering slow paced but fulfilling days with your loved ones and remembering those days while wishing for them to happen again.”

Written and produced by raven himself, “Sunday” is a pop-rap ditty that glides smoothly into stripped-down territory, with the young artist’s penchant for catchy guitar riffs and lo-fi sonic details adding color to the production. Easily one of his catchiest tracks to date, the summery bop will surely win the audience over—thanks to its simplicity and earnest sensibilities.

According to raven, the release of the song will be “accompanied by a visualizer that brims with quirky aesthetics and a unique twist in the end.”

raven’s “Sunday” is out now on all digital music platforms worldwide via Sony Music Entertainment.

Cover Photo Credit: Sony Music Entertainment

Raven is a rising singer-songwriter/producer from the Philippines. After racking up more than 10 million streams with his debut EP Lika Na, the young musician is back with a new single “Hara” that puts a modernized twist on the popular pinoy “harana” style of music. The new song combines different genres, fusing lo-fi elements, hip-hop sonics, and intricate guitar melodies.

“Unlike some of the songs that I’ve written so far, most of which are mere expressions of admiration, this particular track chronicles the experience of wooing someone in hopes of capturing their heart,” he shares. “It’s an expression of sentimental nature, but it also comes from a place of humility on the suitor’s end.”

Listen to Raven’s new song “Hara” below.

Fashion, visuals, choreography, and a bop! Maris Racal is back with the new track Pumila Ka featuring singer, songwriter, and rapper Raven. Pumila Ka asserts the internet-breaking star’s knack for capturing the zeitgeist and shaking up outdated conventions in mainstream music.

On Pumila Ka, Maris claps back at those who use their privilege and entitlement for all the wrong reasons. The empowering tune emphasizes that people need to be more aware and considerate of those around them and that it's okay to aim high as long as you won't be hurting or doing anyone wrong in the process.

The unapologetic bop is written by Maris herself and singer-songwriter/rapper raven, with production by Rico Blanco. According to Raven, who happens to contribute a verse on the multihyphenate star’s 2022 single, working with Maris was a fun and exciting experience.

“I used to watch her in PBB, and I’m glad that I got to collaborate with someone as talented as Maris. The verse that I’ve written for her was based on a true story.”

Pumila Ka marks Maris Racal’s first release of 2022, and continues the journey of her previous singles “Ate Sandali” and “Asa Naman.” Both tracks earned positive feedback from music critics and fans for steering pop music forward with exciting new ideas. You can now stream Pumila Ka on all major streaming platforms.

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