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Junemy aka Gastronemy on Instagram takes us on a sweet food adventure through SNOICE. We get to know this family-owned business and discover some classic Filipino desserts with a twist. Follow along as Junemy dives into the menu and gives us her recommendations on some of her favorite items at SNOICE.

About Gastronemy aka Junemy:

Junemy Pantig is a San Diego-based food content creator showcasing her finds on her Instagram as @Gastronemy. She believes that "Home is where the food is" and has strong ties with the community in San Diego. Gastronemy comes from the word gastronomy, which means the practice of eating and cooking good food. Junemy's nickname is Nem, so she incorporated that as a play-on-words to create her brand name. Gastronemy mainly showcases her food adventures and finds on social media, but she also specializes in food photography and marketing management.

About Snoice:

In 2015, Snoice opened up as a pop-up bar in the corner of Kababayan Bakery, located in San Diego, California. It soon became popular enough that three months after opening, a deal was made to renovate the bakery and build a hole-in-the-wall shop. Since then, Snoice has been striving to serve high-quality, fully customizable interpretations of Taiwanese-inspired shaved snow, Filipino-inspired halo-halo, and the ever-popular boba tea.

Snoice's culture reflects the values of two young parents, who left their careers in New York City's startup world to focus on raising a family. Both lived in households that built small businesses in the restaurant and events industry. Coincidentally, the couple aspired to create a unique environment where their then three-year-old son, Nathan, would have the opportunity to meet with friends and family, pay tribute to Filipino-American culture, and give back to the same neighborhood and community that his parents grew up in.

About Merienda:

“Merienda,” aka Snack Time, is a part of MYX Global’s new Youtube content line-up. The show follows influential content creators in food and culinary arts who take us on a snack time journey to Filipino-owned restaurants where they explore the menu, talk to the Chefs, share their tasting reactions, and give us their recommendations.

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