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Sheer Element is a group composed of The Voice alum JEJ Vinson and fellow artists Izzy Kaye and Tabon Ward. Need a chill out track to start the weekend? The group released their stripped-down version Bee Gees' "How Deep Is Your Love." You want be disappointed with the vocals from Sheer Element.

Vocals: Izzy Kaye - @itsizzykaye Tabon Ward - @tabonward JEJ Vinson - @jejvinson
Music: Reilly Martin - @thereillymartin
Mix & Master: Miles Trieger - @miles_trieger
Filmed by: Andrés Casanova - @andresxcasanova Edited by: Tabon Ward - @tabonward


JEJ was born and raised in the Philippines. He started singing karaoke after watching his parents sing in choir. When he was 15, his parents moved to America for a better life and landed in South Dakota. At 18, Jej joined an a cappella camp in Los Angeles and his family packed up and followed suit. He studied music at USC and was formerly the music director of the school's a cappella group.

Cover Photo Credit: JEJ Vinson Twitter

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