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Can you believe the groovy-pop track, "Soda" from James Reid has been out for a year already! To celebrate him and his Careless Music team blesses us with a fresh new take. The remix comes from producer and artist, Arthur Tan who also gave us Nadine's "Intoxicated" remix late last year. This time around he worked on "Soda" to add to its already danceable beat and take us further into hyperspace.

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Check out the reactions from when the "Soda" remix debuted in front of a live crowd. James Reid and Arthur Tan took the track to Notorious HQ in Poblacion in Makati, Philippines. If you're loving the track, so did they! Can't wait to catch it on the dance floor the next night out with friends.

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UPDATE: Explore along with James in this new visual for Soda that takes you on a futuristic ride. James seems to be on a mission to restore natural resources. He takes adventures over sand dunes, crosses planets, and finally emerges from water. Check it out below!

Since the release of James Reid's funky tune, Soda we've been excited for a music video. So the countdown is on for the Soda music video set to premiere on 3/20! The song focuses on introspection and learning to ride the highs and lows of life. It's allowed him to grow not only in his music, but also grow relationships with people.

Last time we chatted, he teased that a video was coming along with more digital live events and performances from Careless Music. His latest Instagram post shows possibly James standing on a hill with the caption, "Exploration start from within". Before the release of the music video, James and the Careless Team put out a visualizer for the track.

ICYMI watch or re-watch James' interview with Dannieboi on MYX Global. James explains that he’s looking to play around with styles and just create before releasing an album. He talks about the musical direction he's taking and what's next for Careless Music.

Artist and actor James Reid kicks off the year with a new single, Soda. The groovy track will have you placing it on your driving playlist ready to vibe along anytime. The track released by his own independent label, Careless Music explores the nonlinear journey we’ve all experienced the past year. The song has been hitting the top of the charts in the Philippines. He hopes that Soda along with soon to be released tracks will show people a different side of him. Dannieboi chats with him to talk more about music and asks your myxer questions!

James Reid MYX Global Interview with DannieBoi

Although James mentions that the title, Soda doesn’t have anything to do with the lyrics it relates more with the sound. The track created last November then recorded in December, James says the “title came before the lyrics.” Soda was the name of the beat then they ran with it. He wanted to incorporate things he grew up with while mixing his own style into the track.

“As I keep making music, I go back to the things that I liked when I was younger. Finding a sound that resonates with me. Palm Dreams was more R&B, hip-hop, I wanted to try a different sound.”

James reid

However, the meaning behind the lyrics may not be as straightforward. While creating the track with Bret Jackson and producer Isagani Palabyab, Soda looks at rolling with the punches. It talks about the ups and downs while seeing how situations affect people differently.

While Soda might not be part of an album, we can hold out that an album is in the works. However, the surprises aren’t over yet. A visualizer is coming out this Saturday, 2/6 on Careless Music’s Youtube channel for the track. The visualizer isn’t a music video, it’s more of 3D art of the cover but a music video is coming too! Before we can experience a full-length album, expect to be hear more singles on the way. James explains that he’s looking to play around with styles and just create before putting an album out. He also enjoys the feedback from fans as he experiments with his music.

“It’s my perspective of dealing with difficulty and challenges, but needing it to grow and become the person you want to be.”

James reid, meaning behind soda

After chatting music, Dannieboi then turns to the myxers to ask James’ a few questions:

  1. What are you grateful for in the past year?

    James first mentions he’s grateful for the support of his friends and family. Going independent is a daunting journey, but “I’m surrounded by talented people who are ambitious and want to make a difference. They look to place their mark on the world.” Secondly, he’s thankful for the fans. It’s been a while since his last project, but fans have been supporting the track since its release.

It's not a straight line, it's all a part of the ride
Can we take time? Don't lose the stars in your eyes
We could stay high or we could fall with the tide
Just ride


2. What do you hope listeners get out of the track?

Honestly he tells us that hee didn’t think too much about it. “I want people to get to know me better and how my mind works." A lot of the song is being introspective. It’s the feeling of peace and knowing that we are where we're supposed to be right now.

3. Is there another compilation album for Careless? Vol. 2?

Before another Careless Mixtape, the team would like all artists to release their own catalog first. Everyone has their own sound and when a collab happens, they want to create a fusion of music.

4. Are there any live events coming soon?

James hints that there will be more digital live events and performances from Careless Music. In the meantime, look out for Nadine’s online concert for her visual album, Wildest Dreams, which will include collaborations and remixes.

If you’re curious about the other myxer questions James answered like who their next signee will be, you’ll just have to watch to find out. Before heading out, James teases there will be merch for Soda and promises to release a lot more bangers!

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“Soda” is the first track of upcoming singles that lay the foundation for veteran Filipino-Australian pop-R&B artist James Reid’s re-emergence in the music scene. Weaving the heartfelt energy of soul with the playful rhythms of electro funk, “Soda” seamlessly blends these elements together to create an electronically fizzy yet laid-back groove. Fans can stream the song on all digital platforms Listen to the song below:

James Reid will return to MYX on 2/4 to talk with DannieBoi about his new single and more. Join us LIVE on to watch the interview and Wednesdays at 7P PST / 11A Thursdays in Manila to watch a re-imagined OTWOL with new and old fans from all over the world.

Watch James Reid on MYX LIVE 2/4 8P PST on

Tune in Monday to watch the MYX Global UK premiere of “Soda” with top London DJ Ray Domingo on

“Soda” encapsulates the worry-free feeling of embarking on a journey without a care, cruising down the highway with one hand out the car window, wind in your hair. Following the challenging year that was 2020, “Soda” instils a deep-rooted peace that comes with starting anew, encouraging listeners to look forward to their journey in the new year.

"Despite the chaos and tragedy that was 2020, it really challenged me and forced me to evolve in more ways than just music," James says. "So there’s been a silver lining. I made this song as a reflection of that perspective. Learning to ride the highs and the lows. The future is unknown, so all we can do is have enough self awareness to make the most out of life's surprises."


James Reid is the founder of indie record label Careless Music. Making the decision to form his own label and manage himself independently proved worthwhile when his acclaimed album 'Palm Dreams' was featured on Billboard’s Independent Albums chart in 2017. Known as a risk-taker with a decade of experience as an entertainer in the Philippines, James aims to use his platform to empower and grow Philippines' buzzing music industry.

Aside from being an award-winning music artist (MYX Music AwardsMTV EMA), James is well-known for his appearances on television shows and movies, which he has also won several awards for. With a successful career spanning over a decade and millions of streams, video plays, and Instagram followers, James' meteoric rise is definitely not slowing down anytime soon. 

Watch James on his recent MYXPH MYXCLUSIVES interview below:

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