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Olivia Rodrigo had everyone thinking there was new music coming or a new music, but she doesn't disappoint with her latest announcement. If you can't get enough of her chart topping album, SOUR, Olivia is gearing up to release a documentary film, driving home 2 u where she talks about her journey in creating the album. The trailer for the film just dropped and gives us a peek on what to expect. It'll stream on Disney+ on March 25th so mark your calendars!

The album, SOUR was a passion project for the accomplished musician where she wanted to share her most inner thoughts in a way that was proud and not ashamed. In her own words, the project came from a place of hurt but managed to turn it something she is proud of.

Olivia is a songwriter at heart and we'll be able to go behind the scenes of her artistic process. The film will also bring us new arrangements of our favorite songs from the album along with new visuals. She is also getting ready for her first SOUR Tour! You can catch her live in a city near you!

Cover Photo Credit: Olivia Rodrigo Instagram

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