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"Sikulo" is a new collaboration from Tarsier Records that connects rising OPM artists Maki, Angela Ken, and Nameless Kids’ frontman Nhiko Sabiniano. The melancholic song is an alternative-pop single that narrates the exhausting journey of two lovers who inevitably have to run in circles. Maki, Angela, and Nhiko wrote the heartbreaking song to illustrate the reality of a relationship that is bound to end.

"Sikulo" follows Maki’s previous release “HBD,” which now has over one million Spotify streams. Additionally, his “Tanong” EP has generated almost 90 million streams on Spotify alone.

“Sikulo” is Angela’s latest music release after dropping “Alas Diyes,” a song co-produced by Nhiko. The indie-pop alternative band Nameless Kids dropped a new single last January entitled “Still So In Love,” a song Nhiko also penned. Before “Sikulo,” Maki and Nhiko previously worked together for Maki’s biggest hit to date “Saan?,” which now has over 65 million Spotify streams. 

Check out "Sikulo" below!

Maki was one of the biggest OPM acts of 2023 and the Filipino singer has continued his momentum into the new year by dropping a new song. On January 5, the Tarsier Records artist released "HBD," an emotional roller-coaster of a ballad. While the song title may give a first impression of a birthday celebration, the track draws inspiration from the feeling of wanting to greet your ex a happy birthday, but feeling unsure if you should push forward with the gesture. The lyric video also will get you in your feels because it narrates a story of celebrating your own birthday alone now that you're missing your former significant other. Listen to Maki's "HBD" below!

Maki has dropped two songs so far this year and recently both of the releases have started to gain major traction on Spotify.  “Saan?” debuted on Spotify Viral 50 and “Bakit?” appeared in the top 100 viral songs in the Philippines. Both songs showcase the Tarsier Records artist’s ability to combine heartbreaking lyrics over heartwarming and happy melodies.

The Music Videos for both "Saan?" and " Bakit?" feature the story of two lovers on their journey of love and loss through moving pictures, symbolisms, and reminiscing. It’s a love story that perfectly captures the bittersweet essence of a lost love. Both videos star Maki and Karina Bautista, with overlapping storylines and themes. You can watch them both below!

Photo Courtesy of Maki's Instagram

Tarsier Records band Nameless Kids is back with a new song! The five-piece collective consisting of members Nhiko Sabiniano, Kyle Perry, Tati De Mesa, Kim Allen, and Imay Alconaba just dropped “Sa’yo (Ang Mundo),” their first ever Tagalog track. This marks the first release of 2023 from the indie-pop group.

Nameless Kids addresses the concept of soft launching a partner in their new track. “Sa’yo (Ang Mundo)” narrates a story about when couples finally find the courage to announce their bond to the world courageously without judgment. With the summertime and warmer weather coming in hot, it's almost soft launch season!

Catch the lyric video for “Sa’yo (Ang Mundo)” below and stay tuned for more music from Nameless Kids this year! You can learn more about the rising talents here.

Photo Courtesy of Nameless Kids Instagram

gabby parafina is an up and coming R&B artist representing Tarsier Records from the Philippines. The young singer recently released his newest song titled “no rush,” inspired by the iconic 90s R&B era. The single features heartfelt lyrics and a soulful melody that narrate waiting for love at the right time, from the right person.

“no rush” reinforces the idea that love should not be rushed or forced, but instead, allowed to grow and flourish on its own time. You can catch the lyric video for the song below! Watch out for gabby parafina this year!

This Love Month, Tarsier Records celebrates different frequencies love plays around through their carefully curated playlist, “Love Frequency.” Whether you're single, in love, taken, taken for granted, or it's complicated – this playlist covers every mood for you.  This playlist features tracks by artists from Tarsier Records. 

Songs for LOVERS:

Ikaw” by NAIV, Thomjay

"Ikaw" is an R&B, OPM song by up and coming Filipino artists NAIV and ThomJay. The song is a combination of English and Filipino which speaks about loving someone and all the other emotions that come with it. The lyrics express the feeling of longing for someone and the emotional connection between the singer and their lover, which add a unique and authentic touch to the song, making it an enjoyable and meaningful listen. The song has a smooth and mellow melody combined with chill trap beats that sets a relaxed and introspective mood, perfect for late night drives and chill nights.

Songs to describe love at first sight:

First Impressions (Lockdown Sessions)” - Inigo Pascual

First Impressions (Lockdown Sessions) is the perfect track to use to express how you feel towards someone you are infatuated by. This version is stripped down to just acoustic guitar and vocals, which perfectly showcases Inigo’s smooth vocals that instantly draw you in at first listen.

Songs for that situationship:

Hotel Runs” by Nameless Kids

“Hotel Runs” is an alternative pop song that talks about an ex that you couldn’t seem to resist, and always end up in a complicated situation with. The track has influences from The 1975 and flor. It showcases a darker side of Nameless Kids, adding a little bit of 80’s grunge to the sound with live drums, guitar solos, synths and more rhythmic and percussive vocal melodies. 

Songs to dedicate to your 4Lyfers:

Home” by allen&elle

The gospel, soul track speaks about finding that special someone that makes you feel right at home - where one is safe, loved, and accepted. The powerful vocals of allen, and beautiful production of elle on the song features what this talented duo does best - create songs that feel like a long, tight hug. “Home” highlights sounds that bring allen&elle back to their roots, very much like coming – home. 

Songs for me, myself & I:

I’m Feeling Sexy Tonight” - Viñas Deluxe

Fun, sexy, flirty and confident - that’s exactly how sexy this song makes you feel! “I’m Feeling Sexy Tonight” by Viñas Deluxe is a remake of the 80’s hit. WIth a more modern twist on the tune making it more edgy and a track you could feel your best self in. Through this track Viñas wants all listeners to know that you could feel sexy no matter what!

Songs for Heartbreak SZN:

Hardest Thing” - Jon Guelas

“Hardest Thing” is a pop song that singer/songwriter Jon Guelas composed during a time of his life where he was at the crossroads of a relationship. The track touches on how difficult it is to be honest with someone you’re with because you don’t want to hurt that person, but at the same time, you’ve grown apart and into different people. This deeply emotional track paired with its commercial pop sound is guaranteed to be the track that holds your hand through one of the hardest things you’ve got to face.

Songs for when you meet them “in another life”

in another life” - Zion Aguirre

“in another life” is a deeply emotional ballad track written by singer/songwriter Zion Aguirre. It tackles themes of love and loss where one expresses their genuine feelings for another. This track signifies Zion’s step into freeing himself - his genuine, authentic and genderless self - as he turns a new leaf and steps into a bolder chapter.

Check it out, like the playlist, share it with your friends, lovers, exes.

Up and coming artists NAIV & Thomjay collaborate on an R&B song titled “Ikaw,” a perfect addition to your love month playlists. Delivered in both English and Filipino, this track captures the emotional connection and love language between two partners. Lyrically, the late night vibe narrates the feeling of longing for someone, especially between the artists and their love interests.

Sonically, the smooth and mellow melody will definitely put listeners in an introspective mood. Check out the latest Tarsier Records release from NAIV & Thomjay below!

Tarsier Records artists like Inigo Pascual, Maki, SAB, Zion, and more continue to make waves in music with several milestones achieved last year as new music dropped last January. 

Inigo released the Lockdown Sessions album which included international hits "Options" and "Catching Feelings" which surpassed 20 million streams in 2022. Following its success, the “Monarch” star's reimagined album includes stripped down, acoustic versions of the songs “Neverland” and key track “Not Him” plus more.

Newcomer Maki made an R&B twist to the viral hit “Gusto Ko Nang Bumitaw” late last year, which crossed the half-a-million mark on Spotify by year end. TikTok star Zion Aguirre meanwhile achieved over 300,000 streams for his debut EP “Bigkas.”

The music video of Pinoy soul icon Kyla and “Marry Your Daughter” hitmaker Brian McKnight Jr.’s song collaboration “Cuz Of You (COY)” garnered over 130,000 YouTube views and its official hashtag was trending for 24 hours on Twitter. It features Kapamilya stars Anji Salvacion and Brent Manalo.

Marina Summers is the first drag queen to be part of Tarsier Records' roster of artists. Her debut single “Divine” produced by Moophs gained 10,000 Spotify streams in less than 24 hours. The label continues to champion drag pop music and has just introduced another drag queen, Viñas Deluxe.

From milestones to new offerings, young artist SAB dropped the “Happy You Stayed” music video that also stars Kaori Oinuma and Shanaia Gomez last Friday (Jan. 20) with over 73,000 YouTube views as of writing.

Dotty and Malli are also starting off the year with a fresh vibe through their collaboration “icy,” a rap track that talks about protecting one’s energy from negative people. The two also dropped the song’s music video on YouTube last Friday (Jan. 20).

Listen to the music of Inigo, Zion, Maki, Kyla, Marina, Sab, Dotty, and Malli on various music platforms. For more details, follow Tarsier Records on FacebookTwitterInstagramTiktok, and YouTube.

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Cover Photo Credit: Tarsier Records Instagram

Tarsier Records artist SAB
is back with a new music video! “Happy You Stayed” is an indie-pop song inspired by wholesome and heartfelt vibes and is dedicated to the singer/songwriter’s best friends. The single shows a level of maturity from the artist, who expresses her appreciation for everyone in her life and also her proud feelings towards their accomplishments.

SAB shared some thoughts with us regarding her new track via press release: 

“I wrote “Happy You Stayed” in the summer of 2021. It was actually written at the same time as the title track of my first EP Sunsets and Heaven. At the time, I was exploring college life as a freshman and realized how different it was to not have the friends you grew up with be therewith you. I ended up writing “Happy You Stayed” for my best friends, basically saying everything Iwanted to say to them. It was my way of saying that even if we’re having different experiences, I’m happy that they stayed and I’m really proud of everything they’re doing. It was saying if you’re struggling right now, just know that I’m also here to be here for you whenever. The story behind the song has a wholesome and heartfelt vibe.”

Watch SAB’s “Happy You Stayed” music video below!

"Find You” is a neo-soul, R&B track by singer, songwriter daze. This is the lead track from her debut EP, Metanoia. Inspired by her own experiences, “Find You” talks about making a connection with that special someone even through the darkest of times.

“I’ve always been a small circle kind of girl, and so all my relationships are incredible important to me. And growing up in a small town, I’ve always understood the value of loyalty. And for me, this song is about choosing to be with someone even if it’s not easy.”

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by daze (@daisylad)

Her debut EP, Metanoia is inspired by her own journey of self discovery and transformation through love. It’s a collective work where she allows us to journey with her as she navigates life and love. Daze showcases her versatility as an artist through the various styles she presents in her songs.

"I would say that the inspiration behind Metanoia is my love for story-telling. I love writing music that feels true to me and my life, even if it puts me in a very vulnerable place. Each song brings me back to a certain point in my journey—who I was with, what was important to me at that time, and who I was then compared to who I am now. And that’s why I feel like this EP has been a true transformation of my heart from the time I started it to when I release it."

Cover Photo Credit: Tarsier Records Instagram

Tarsier Records signee RELDEN is a singer/songwriter from Cebu. You may recognize her previously as one half of the duo Route 83. Prior to pursuing music, the singer initially found her voice through poetry and dance.

RELDEN’s newest single “Off Of My” is a collaboration featuring Filipino-Australian artist Sin Santos. Inspired sonically by Dua Lipa, the two artists sing in English and Bisaya about feeling free while expressing themselves.

“I just wanted to release something that's true to me. I've come to a point in my life where I don't care what other people think anymore because I know that they don't know me at all. That's what the song is about.” - RELDEN, on “Off Of My.”

“RELDEN reached out to me with the demo. I played it, I loved it and now we’re here! I love the topic and meaning behind the song.” - Sin Santos, on “Off Of My” and collaborating with RELDEN.

Check out the lyric video to “Off Of My” below!

Markus is back with an emotional new single dedicated to his one year old son with Janella Salvador, Jude. While the “For J” song title may mislead some, the music video’s end credits confirm the track’s true inspiration. The music video features the singer/actor performing his emotional lyrics in an empty field with parenting and family-centric cut scenes in between.

Like his last release “Hotel Room,” “For J” also showcases production from Moophs and is released by Tarsier Records. Watch the music video below!

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