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Musical Artists John Concepcion and Miles B. took a Twitter trend and just turned into a smooth upbeat R&B banger. Red flags have been trending on Twitter recently, and these two talented artists decided to take that concept and ride with it for their song "Red Flag."

John and Miles put the track on their socials, and it has people asking for a full release on all major platforms. One Instagram user commented, "Not putting it on Spotify is a ?" and we couldn't agree more with that statement. So, for now, let's run up these numbers on Tik Tok and Instagram until it officially releases.

By the way, if you think John looks familiar, you probably have seen some of his viral covers on Youtube and or have come across his Spotify Page. He's also dropping a new song this month called "Spooky Link," right in time for Halloween.

About John Concepion

John Concepcion is a 25-year-old R&B artist from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. He got his start in music at a tender age when his dad taught a young John to play the guitar. It was at this point that John’s father encouraged him to develop his voice and talent. In Junior High, John found himself rapping, being influenced by artists including Drake, Kendrick Lamar, and Lil Wayne. During his early years of high school, John began to build a name for himself amongst his peer group, furthering his introduction into the world of break dancing and hip hop competitions.

At the age of 15, John decided that his next move was to be a singer. He focused his energy on honing his craft, so much so that by the age of 17 John was invited to New York by Sony Music to audition for multiple boy bands. John's influences include modern-day legends such as Chris Brown, Bruno Mars, Ty Dolla $ign, Usher, and Justin Bieber. With early beginnings on YouTube creating covers and releasing original material, John has grown his YouTube channel to boast over 61,000 subscribers. His cover of Justin Bieber‘s single, “Yummy,” reached Justin himself and is surpassing 700,000 views. John’s self-released singles and EP have crossed 1.2 million streams on Spotify alone.

Filipino American Hip-Hop Artist Pretty Pape$ hits the MYX Traks stage and performs his viral hit “Boomin” live at our MYX Global Studios in Los Angeles, California. Pape$ is the first Hip-Hop artist on MYX Traks, so he made sure to bring the energy for a memorable performance. Check out his performance below!

About MYX Traks:

MYX Traks is a part of MYX Global’s new Youtube content line-up. The show features a live in-studio performance from up-and-coming and established artists co-produced with Traklife Media Group.

About Pretty Pape$:

Pretty Pape$ is a one-man shop in this music industry. From production, writing, engineering and mixing, Pape$ is one of those artists who you can leave in the studio by himself and he’ll walk out the studio with a hit. In a sense, he's like Russ, a DIY pioneer. Pape$ knows his talent will only get him so far, that’s why he’s leaned on his consistency to make a name for himself.

Since he started dropping music Pretty Pape$ hasn’t taken a year off, consistently dropping singles, EP’s & albums annually. In 2020 it seems all his hard work is really starting to pay off as his 2019 single “Boomin” has begun to make its round on Tik Tok. It all started when the Boston Celtics used “Boomin” on an Instagram Reels video and within a week the official account for the NBA, NFL, CBS Sports, Saints, Ravens & more have used “Boomin” on Tik Tok. Within 2 weeks the song has generated over 7 million views from verified accounts on Tik Tok and it's only just starting.


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New show alert MYXERS! Our debut episode of MYX TRAKS co-produced with Traklife Media Group is starting off with Republic Artist and Singer/Songwriter Just Stef. The talented artist came down to the MYX Studios in Los Angeles to perform an acoustic version of her hit song “Miss U Miss Me” live for the first time. Check out her performance below and stay tuned for new episodes of MYX TRAKS every week on our Youtube channel.

"Miss U Miss Me" became a big viral hit in the Philippines via TikTok. Just Stef decided she wanted to connect with her fans even more, and she created a lyric video of the song in Tagalog! Even the ladies of BINI are fans and took to TikTok to make a duet with her, which Just Stef reposted. See the video below.


I LOVE THIS! Thank you for the support ??? @BINI PH

♬ original sound - juststef
About MYX Traks:

MYX Traks is a part of MYX Global’s new Youtube content line-up. The show features a live in-studio performance from up-and-coming and established artists co-produced with Traklife Media Group.

About Just Stef:

In 2020, Just Stef was discovered by the former Global Head of Songwriter & Producer Relations at Spotify, Tiffany Kumar, who was building her Beat House production company. Tiffany started sending songs to Stef who like so many of today’s artists had already learned how to record herself. One of those songs was “Miss U Miss Me,” penned by hit songwriters Chelsea Lena and Kennedi Lykken (Dua Lipa, Kiana Ledé) and produced by KyleYouMadeThat (NLE Choppa, Coi Leray) and Rice N Peas.

Just Stef initially previewed a snippet of the track to her 2.2 million TikTok followers, and it exploded right out of the gate. The teaser alone has racked up millions of views, hundreds of thousands of “likes,” and tens of thousands of comments. Keyboards and 808s energize an off-kilter hummable beat as she flexes her impressive vocal range and delivers an undeniable hook, “I miss you, you miss me, let’s make it easy, tell me the same thing.”


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With a new viral video or meme popping up on social media every day, the world of social media continues to grow at a rapid pace. We can easily get lost in the spectrum of social networks and definitely miss some influencers worth following and getting to know. Here is our first-ever list of a few Filipino American Social Influencers you should give a follow to right now.

In no particular order here we go:

Nick Urteaga @coastalflicks

Nick is a Creative Director and Big and Tall Menswear Influencer. He recently went viral, showcasing his style and proving that bigger guys can be stylish too. So if you are looking to understand fit and style and want to get creative with your videos and photos, Nick is an excellent account to follow. His tips and tricks can be found on IG Reels.

Azia Celestino @aziacelestino

Azia is News Personality and TV Host currently on Cheddar News. In the early months of the pandemic, Azia found a new audience on Tik Tok and IG Reels, sharing news updates from the comfort of her own home with #KeepitShort with Azia. To date, she has over 2 million likes on Tik Tok. She was formerly on Channel One News and Complex Hustle.

Francis Kenneth @franciskenneth

Francis is a US Navy Veteran, musician, and blogger. He's a Social Influencer in the Menswear and Lifestyle space and has worked with worldwide brands such as Nike and Mazda. If you are trying to connect the business behind the influence, Francis is a great example of that. Check him out on Instagram.

Asia Jackson @aasian

Asia is an Actress and Content Creator. She created a social movement called #MagandangMorenx, which translates to "beautiful brown skin." The movement is dedicated to challenging the traditionally enforced beauty standards within mainstream Filipino media and combating colorism within the culture. Asia can be found across all socials. I would definitely recommend checking out her Youtube Channel.

Nava Rose @thenavarose

Nava is a Fashion Lifestyle Content Creator all over social media. Her fashion tips, DIYs, and obsession with BTS have garnered her a Youtube following of over 1.2 million subscribers. The Ellen Show took notice and even gave her a digital show called "Nava on the Fly" on ellentube.

Now we know that there are so many more Filipino American Influencers out there for all of us to discover so let keep us in the loop! Follow us on our socials and leave a comment to let us know who we should look out for next.

Also, stay tuned for more social influencer lists from the Philippines and all around the world coming soon!

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Tik Tok's hypest siblings just released their first bilingual song called the "Mayo Slide." The song is now available on all streaming platforms. The duo have also put out a lyric video so you can get some visuals on how to perfect the soon-to-be viral dance.

The two have been all over Tik Tok and Youtube this year! Niana created one of the most viral dances of the year to T-Pain's Booty Wurk. While Ranz hit over 14 million subscribers on Youtube. Their hard work and dedication to their content creation earned them the Top Creator of the Year award at this years Tik Tok PH awards.


new dance who dis ? tag creators u wanna see hit this one ? (DC: ME)

♬ Booty Wurk - Niana Guerrero

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