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If you tuned in this week's to one of Fox's most watched show, The Cleaning Lady, it highlighted many Filipino elements. Guest stars, father and daughter Lou Diamond Phillips and Gracie Phillips added to the family narrative of the show. The Fil-Am actors contributed to the Filipino elements of the show by speaking Tagalog and sharing relatable family stories.

This was the first time veteran actor Lou Diamond Phillips acted together with his daughter Gracie, telling TV Line it was "incredibly natural" for the both of them. “It was just so wonderful. I had no doubt that we would have instant chemistry and a shorthand to work with.” The father-daughter duo only had one scene together, but the entire episode led to that moment. His character, Joe is an anonymous bone marrow donor who backed out of the procedure for Thony's son, Luca. With a change of heart at the end because of a Filipino lullaby similar to "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star," it led to a reunion between him and his daughter.

The episode showed a few commonalities between the main characters and the Phillips' characters. Sometime we all need a reminder of where we came from and how we got to where we are. They talk about how Fiona's cooking reminds him of his Lola's, how their home is similar to his childhood home, and how the lullaby Thony sang to Luca was the same song his wife sang to Grace.

It's not often we see this much Filipino-ness anywhere on media so it's both surprising and fun to see. This episode still carried the overarching plot of the show, but it was refreshing to see how much thought went into making sure the details were right. Even the episode title name is named, "Kabayan" which means fellow country men.

Miranda Kwok created and produced the first primetime drama on Fox that stars an Asian woman. The show is based on an Argentinian series, “La Chica Que Limpia” but she pitched it to Fox to have Southeast Asian leads to break the stereotype. "What I wanted to do was … just show people that no matter who you are, where you’re from or what profession you’ve had, everyone deserves the same amount of respect and dignity.” Each episode so far brings new perspective on the immigrant story.

If you haven't yet seen The Cleaning Lady, catch it on Mondays on Fox at 9PM. It's worth a watch!

Cover Photo Credit: Gracie Phillips Instagram

Yes, Survivor is still on and they're on Season 41. The winner of the latest season is Fil-Canadian Erika Casupanan who also is the first female winner since Sarah Lacina of Season 34.

After being crowned the Sole Survivor and winning 1 million dollars, she joked on Twitter that she may be a witch because she broke the curse. It's been a long time since a female took the title. Erika is a communications manager from Toronto who leaned on her master manipulation skills during the season. However, going into the show she wanted to represent her roots as a Canadian and Filipina.

Erika told ET Canada, “I had always dreamed of being on ‘Survivor’ and I think that being able to represent Canadian, being able to represent women of colour — and I was born in the Philippines and I know there are a lot of Filipino fans of ‘Survivor’ — it’s something that I think weighed on me...But before going up to the show, I kind of changed my mindset. I just need to go out and be me.”

Survivor is a reality competition that has been on air since 2000, and hosted by Jeff Probst. The contestants or "castaways" (yes, like Tom Hanks in Castaway) are sent to a secluded area and need to complete different challenges to complete. It's both a mental and physical game. Castaways have to not only survive and fend for themselves, but also strategize against others.

Cover Photo Credit: Erika Casupanan Twitter

It's Wednesday so you know what that means, another episode of James Reid and Nadine Lustre's teleseyre Till I Met You tonight at 7PM on This week we're at Episode 6 and trio of Iris, Basti, and Ali team up for a new business venture. Despite their misunderstanding, Iris and Basti rush to Ali's aid when trouble brews at the resort.

To help us get prepared for a new episode, let's get in the mood for kilig with some of our top Jadine duets. Let us know which ones are you favorites or if we missed any!

"Bahala Na" from the movie, Talk Bad and You're Dead

"Hanap-Hanap" from the album, Reid Alert.

"No Erase" from the film, Diary ng Panget

"Prom" from the film, Never Not Love You

"On the Wings of Love" from the series, On the Wings of Love

"This Time" from the film, This Time

"IL2LU" from the album, Palm Dreams

"Complicated Love" from the album, Wildest Dreams

This is the trailer we've all been waiting for! Inigo announced back in October that he joined the cast of FOX's newest show, Monarch. This will be his first major debut on US television and we couldn't be any more excited. This is a huge step not only for Inigo, but for FOX as they make a significant impact in diversifying the cast with a Filipino actor as one of the leads, and an inspiration to others as they look to crossover into Hollywood.

The network released a new trailer that features Inigo alongside the cast. The show stars Susan Sarandon and Anna Friel. Monarch is a multi-generational musical drama that centers around the Romans, America's first family of Country music.

In an interview with ABS-CBN, Inigo talked about how he's been working on perfecting the Texan accent for his role. According to Deadline, he'll play the character of Ace Grayson, a talented and sensitive 18 year-old, who was adopted from an orphanage by Nicky (Friel) and her husband, Clive. Ace looks to follow in the foot steps of his country star grandfather. He is your total entertainer with all the swag he brings in his performances. Inigo mentioned how his time on ASAP helped him grow his confidence on stage which he tapped into for his character.

We're not long now until the 2-night Monarch premiere. The first episode debuts on January 30, 2022 after the NFC Championship game and the second episode airs February 1, 2022. Make sure to clear your schedule and tune in!

Cover Photo Credit: Inigo Pascual Instagram

In the spirit of series revivals, The Proud Family: Louder and Prouder is one you definitely don't want to miss. Just in time to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the original series, The Proud Family, Disney+ announced we'll get to check back in with Penny Proud, Suga Mama, and the rest of the Prouds and the neighborhood. Part of the reboot are new characters and a long list of guest stars from Disney icons to major celebs like Bretman Rock, Brenda Song, Chance the Rapper, Jaden Smith, and more!

There's no word yet on Bretman's character, but we know he'll fit right in the family. He isn't the only Filipinx to have a guest role on The Proud Family, back in the day Dante Basco voiced Chinese-American Kwok Wong. Dante's character Kwok appeared in 3 episodes throughout the first season as Penny's middle school crush. This was groundbreaking because Kwok's storyline explored Asian-American cultural nuances which wasn't done in a children's show let alone mainstream media.

The Proud Family tackled many realistic issues like cultural acceptance and values, economic differences, classism, and dealing with family dynamics. The series allowed for cultural and ethnic representation in mainstream media and we're sure the revival will do the same. It'll pick up around Penny Proud and her family, parents Oscar and Trudy, twin sibs BeBe and CeCe, and Suga Mama and Puff! You know Penny would also be rolling with her crew Dijonay Jones, Lacienega Boulevardez, and Zoey Howzer in the new series too. Original cast members set to return are Kyla Pratt, Tommy Davidson, Paula Jai Parker and more!

Want a sneak peek? Check out the BTS of the cast and guest stars of The Proud Family: Louder and Prouder!

Cover Photo Credit: Bretman Rock Twitter

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