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Mark Atienza, the winner of the kumu remyx Cover Song Challenge has had a love for music since he was young. During his childhood in America, he remembers the karaoke machine that started it all. Like most Filipino kids, his parents encouraged him to perform. From there, his love for music grew and he followed that passion. Lets get to know Mark better with these 5 fun facts!

1. He envisions to be an artist who mixes the sounds of ballads, acoustic, and R&B tunes
Mark initially began as a balladeer singer then he learned how to play guitar, which influenced him to lean towards an acoustic sound. Now, he’s learned to love R&B and fused that with his acoustic balladeer tone. Mark says his biggest inspirations in music includes Martin Nivera and Bruno Mars.

2. He prepared for the remyx competition by experimenting with music
When Mark found out about the competition, he knew mashing up songs together was something he does well which made him excited to audition. Even if his audition was a last minute decision, we’re glad he did! He prepared by working on his music every day in his home studio. He said, “I listened to a lot of songs and experimented with different genres and styles. I wanted to have fun in the audition.”

3. Mark writes his own music too
When it comes to writing original music, inspiration can come from anything. “It depends what inspires me first, sometimes it’s the music then the lyrics come or the lyrics come first and then the music.” The way he conceptualizes songs comes from personal experiences, sometimes he takes ideas from his journal and turn his entries into lyrics. He says “Music is for all ages. Everyone could relate and jam to it.”

4. Mark draws inspirations from other artists especially those on kumu
He shared that if he could open for any artist it would be Bruno Mars because his sound would mix well with Bruno’s style. Mark gave shout outs to Filipino artists like Jed Madela, R&B Prince Jay R, and the Jamica Jam Family for being some of his favorite musicians to follow on kumu and for the support he receives back from them.

5. Don’t be surprised if he changes his name
During the myxCLUVISIVE, supporters were dropping nicknames for the kumu remyx winner like Bruno Mark, Mark Sheeran, Ed She-mark, Medley King, and the most interesting one, Marky Fluffy. When DJ Marlino asked what the story is behind that nickname, Mark wasn’t too sure. He guessed that maybe it had to do with his cheeks being fluffy. We can all relate, the quarantine cheeks are out and that’s okay!

Catch Mark coming on myxRadio and Heavy Rotation as he’ll be one of the first kumu artist to be featured right here. DJ Marlino said it best when describing Mark’s journey so far, you never know who’s listening and to take that leap because you won’t know what you’re capable of until you try.

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