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Making it in Canada

Making it in Canada is a new TFC & MYX original series that follows the multigenerational, challenging journey of aspirational Filipinos in Ontario, Canada. Follow the trailblazers in entertainment, tech, government,science & more, as they take a non traditional route to pursue their passions. The story documents their humble beginnings, the sacrifice and immigration of themselves or their parents, family or friends from the Philippines, which was a catalyst to their current success & opportunistic future in Canada.



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S1 Ep 1: Making It In Canada
For Rechie Valdez, moving to Canada gave her the ability to choose from endless...
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S1 Ep 2: Making It In Canada
Skills4Good AI co-founder and CEO Josephine Yam looks back on her journey of finding...
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S1 Ep 3: Making It In Canada
One of Canada's well known comedians, Keith Pedro has already been featured and headlining...
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S1 Ep 4: Making It In Canada
From working as a dishwasher to becoming a chef and restaurant owner, listen to...
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S1 Ep 5: Making It In Canada
Making It In Canada Belle Baldoza is a creative brand
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S1 Ep 6: Making It In Canada
University of Toronto professor Cynthia Goh shares the inspiring story of how her passion...
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S1 Ep 7: Making It In Canada
A happy kid who once dreamed of becoming a cartoonist, Keavan Yazdani grew up...
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S1 Ep 8: Making It In Canada
Listen to the inspiring journey of Fil-Canadian swimmer and Olympic medalist Kayla Sanchez and...

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