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My Motto takes you behind the scenes to discover the mottos in life of doers, go-getters, trendsetters and artists, featuring influencers and entrepreneurs like Patrice Cleary, Saweetie, Wengie, Ally Brooke, and more.


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S1 Ep 1: Yaya Han
Costume designer and model Yaya Han shares a glimpse of her life as a...
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S1 Ep 2: Patrice Cleary
Filipino-American Patrice Cleary shares her experience in opening and running one of the first...
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S1 Ep 3: DJ Neil Armstrong
DJ Neil Armstrong talks about his decision to ditch a monotonous nine to five...
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S1 Ep 4: Hokuto Konishi
Hokuto Konishi talks about his passion for dancing and his journey as a member...
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S1 Ep 5: Natu Visinia
Professional boxer Natu Visinia shares the story of what inspired him to pursue a...
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S1 Ep 6: Brian Viloria
Brian "The Hawaiian Punch" Viloria takes us on a tour to one of the...
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S1 Ep 7: Lien Nguyen
Lien Nguyen, owner of "Poop CafŽ," talks about her unique toilet-themed dessert bar in...
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S1 Ep 8: Ally Brooke
We find Ally Brooke singing the national anthem as a guest on the court...
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S1 Ep 9: Saweetie
Filipina & Black platinum recording artist & entrepreneur Saweetie takes us back to the...
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S1 Ep 10: Wengie
Australia's #1 YouTuber, the super multi-talented Wengie is featured in this My Motto Music...

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