reMYX: Waleska Herrera Covers Moira Dela Torre - Paubaya ft Adonis Tabanda

Posted By: myx
Post Date: March 9, 2021

Waleska Herrera was born into the music business as a child performer in Venezuela with her brother Efra and parents on the road with them. They traveled the country together and starred in some of the biggest TV shows of the country before moving to the UK to pursue her dream of training professionally for singing in London. Rather than receive a quinceanera, her parents invested in her dream and here they are today as one of the most influential YouTube reacting duo that are helping international artist reach new audiences.

Waleska has the ear of an A&R because she is a singer herself and while they get flooded with fan requests for suggested reactions, she always provides her honest opinion and it shows.

Below is a beautiful cover of Moira Dela Torre's "Paubaya," that she sang seamlessly in Tagalog (Filipino). Due to Spanish and Tagalog being similar romantic languages, she was able to sing it with ease. Efra jokingly said in his Inigo Pascual that all Filipinos speak Spanish, it just hasn't been activated and we think all Latinos also speak Tagalog, it just needs to be activated. =)

Catch Waleska & Efra of the first episode of MYXED Reactions on MYX Tuesday 3/9 and the rebroadcast on their YouTube channel that has over 72M views! They launched a "Feature Fridays" podcast so that they could spend extensive time with artists and get to know them without the typical cut and paste interview setting. Aside from YouTube, you can listen to the podcast on all streaming platforms like Spotify and Itunes, where they feature artists from across the world like the Philippines, Algeria, Korea and many more.

Watch the duo react to James Reid new single, "Soda," performed on the Wish Bus in the Philippines. Also catch the MYX Global World Premiere of Manila Grey ft. James Reid Thursday and Friday PST across the world.

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