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Wanderlust Creamery Creates Filipino Flavors for Filipino American History Month

Posted By: Danielle Domingo
Post Date: October 11, 2021

Wanderlust Creamery in Southern California is celebrating FAHM in a unique way. For the month of October, Wanderlust is featuring various Filipino ice cream flavors and combinations. There are 6 flavors that are available at all six locations:

Keso + Corn Lengua de Gato: A classic Filipino flavor duo of cheese + corn, reimagined: cheddar ice cream spun with thin & crispy, housemade corn lang du chat cookies.

“Pearl of the Orient”: Coconut Sampaguita ice cream: grass fed cream with a whisper of coconut milk, infused with Philippine sambac jasmine.

Mangga Kesocake: Masacrpone cheese ice cream swirled with housemade Manila mango jam & buttery graham crumble.

Kapampangan Halo Halo: Halo halo milk ice cream studded with jackfruit sherbet, swirls of saba banana -dulce de leche, gelatinous coconut sport, + crispy toasted pinipig rice.

Sapin Sapin: A neapolitan of our signature malted ube, jackfruit, and sticky rice ice creams.

Sans Rival: Buttercream ice cream, with pieces of crispy cashew dacquoise in every scoop.

Wanderlust is owned by Co-Founders Jon-Patrick Lopez, Operating Partner and Adrienne Borlongan, Creative Partner. The flavors are inspired by their own feelings and every flavor is made from memories. It reminds them of their childhoods, places they've been, and places they want to go. Borlongan is a food science graduate and granddaughter of flavor chemist from Magnolia Ice Cream, she conceptualizes and crafts the flavors to globalize palates through unique, but familiar ice cream flavors.

Three more flavors will be available at 5 of the locations throughout the month for a limited time.

*Palitaw de Yema (Limited Edition available 10/8 - 10/14): Yema custard ice cream and sticky rice ice cream swirled together with chewy, sticky, sesame-coconut rice cakes.

*Abocado Pastillas (Limited Edition available 10/15 - 10/21): Creamy simplicity in classic Filipino form: avocado + grass fed milk churned into an ice cream swirled with thicc pastillas milk jam.

*Mani Milk Tsokolate (Limited Edition available 10/22 - 10/31): Our iteration of the iconic Filipino Choc*Nut candy. A milky chocolate ice cream with pieces of housemade peanut - cacao polvoron

Adrienne Borlongan shared a touching story about how creating ice cream has helped her find her roots. "Ice cream making is in my blood. Shortly after starting Wanderlust Creamery, it was pointed out to me that my grandfather (whom I never got to meet) worked as a flavor chemist at an iconic ice cream company since the 1920’s. The ice cream plant is where he also met my grandmother. Making ice cream supported their growing family, just as it does mine. The company they worked for originally made classic American flavors, targeting members of the American Navy stationed in the Philippines. Lolo Eli (my grandfather) & the team would work on formulation for these products. But they were also quietly making batches for themselves & the factory workers from local produce like langka (jackfruit), mangga (mango), ube, corn, & most famously- the factory’s proprietary cheese. All these ice cream flavors would eventually make it to market and greatly outsell their “classic” predecessors. It’s a story that reminds me of ours."

" starting our brand the way we did - celebrating cultures and flavors from all parts of the world and not just ours, we’ve captured a much broader audience. And so when we do pay tribute to our roots, we get to share our flavors with so many more people."


This October, Wanderlust's menu is an ode to all the stuff the Co-Founders loved about growing up Filipino American: halo halo but hold the beans, foreign candies as souvenirs from the homeland, that jiggly tri-colored dessert at every family gathering, every Filipino kid’s favorite cashew butter cake, and so much more.

If you're in the area, you have to try out the different flavors because it's something you definitely don't want to miss out on!

Cover Photo Credit: Wanderlust Facebook

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