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Zelijah’s ‘Show U’ Captures Manila Nightlife

Posted By: Christian Bonoan
Post Date: December 5, 2022

Zelijah is a Filipino rapper/producer signed to Sony Music Entertainment that has been making waves in the industry thanks to his futuristic sound and innovative music videos. He has recently been promoting his “Manic City” project and now fans finally get a first glimpse of his upcoming creative offering thanks to his latest release “Show U.”

“Show U” comes with an accompanying music video directed by Leo Malli. According to the director, the visuals explore the perspective of different people in a party, capturing both the messiness, the fun, and the quirks that go behind it.

“I made sure we took real pieces of what Zelijah has seen throughout his life,” Malli says. “Just that it’s all happening in one night. The night we shot the MV, we were also holding his birthday and listening party, so this was a real party happening. It’s more organic that way.”

Regarding the sonic inspiration behind the single, Zelijah shared some details in a statement. "Show U is an attempt of combining hip hop with nostalgic genres from the 2000s like Y2K Pop, Dancehall, Reggaton, and a bit of rumba,” explained the talented Filipino artist. “It's also spiced with a bit of Tiktok-ish elements by pitching up the formants of vocals and topping it with a classic drum n’ bass rhythm. And yes, I did produce the whole thing.”

“I've been going outside more often too so most of the songs I'll be putting out starting from Show U would most likely be experiences from the outside world,” added the eclectic multi-genre act. “And I also thought hey maybe I could turn those moments into songs and that made me come up with my upcoming album.”

Watch Zelijah’s “Show U” music video below!

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